Omg, I did it, I just bought my first tube amp!
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Jul 8, 2008
Hello, Well I really didnt think that this would happen at this time. I thought I would be keeping my headroom for at least another year and probbably more. But the headroom is in for warranty repairs with headroom and I have always been interested in tube amps because of their warmer sound. So, I did some research, I wanted a tube amp that could also function as a preamp to work with my poweramp and speakers which I cannot use now and are standing dormant (not really a good thing when you paid 3200 euro for them a year ago). Not that many tubeamps can also fuction as preamp so I ended up with the woo audio wa2, I had been looking at woo products for a while anyway. It does not only have a preamp but it is also relatively compact, for a tubeamp at least.
I am a bit conserned that finding tubes for this baby will be a bit difficult though, but it will come with the stock tubes.
Now I only need to keep my fingers crossed that 1. my headroom amp will arrive safely in bozeman and 2. my woo amp will arrive safely here in the netherlands.
I will be using my ibasso d10 as temporary dac for a few months because I cant afford a separate one right now.
Greetings, Anouk,
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Hmm, I can't wait till I get a tube amp

Holidays can't come around quickly enough so I can build that CTH kit
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Nice one, Anouk!
BTW, are you still going to Hans's demodagen? Unfortunately Sam and I don't anymore.
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Congrats on taking the plunge with tube amps, once you have started it will be very difficult to go back to SS amps. You made a fine choice with the Woo, enjoy!

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Congratulations with the WA2!

Tube amplifiers can be a blessing, so fingers crossed that you will love this one.
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It's always exciting when placing on order for a tube amp. My most recent amp purchase was the Head Direct EF 1 about 6 months ago and it was exciting making that on line purchase.

I plan on buying another tube amp sometime next year for the bedroom with speaker outputs for DVD movies and CDs and I will be excited again.
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Originally Posted by Anouk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hey Nick, yeah I am certainly planning on going on friday, if my parents want to babysit my dog that is. A pity you wont be going, but then you live a long way off, I hate travelling long distance too.
Now I just really hope my headroom amp will arrive in the usa and not get lost.
Greetings, Anouk,

Yeah and at the end of the day it will be 50€ to even get there. I have some other costs at the moment as well so I can't make it. Have fun there and enjoy that Woo!
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Welcome to tubedom - sorry, so sorry about your wallet.

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