Omega Audio Super 6 Alnico Floorstanding Speakers $1595 in Wash, DC
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I am selling my excellent Super 6 Alnico single driver crossover-less speakers in order to move up to Omega's current flagship model. I love these speakers but am hoping that Omega's newest model will bring improvements. The Audiophile anthem...

These speakers were made in 2012. The drivers have been upgraded to a newer improved version and anti-resonance material was applied to the driver baskets which made a very nice improvement. I rate the speakers 8/10 only for age. They are in great shape except for a few very fine scratches on the top of one speaker that you would not notice without standing next to them. The finish is beautiful Level 2 Ebony wood. They come with the original Omega foam "nerf" balls for blocking the ports. I found that they have much better definition and sound stage this way. They are 93db efficient rated at 8ohms. The black "feet" are actually hockey pucks that I am using to adjust the height for my listening position. The speakers come with three cone feet with included floor protectors.

The Super 6's have a very detailed and open sound and have continued to scale up with every new upgrade I have made upstream. They have mated perfectly with my Schiit Yggy and my 10 watt First Watt SIT2 amp. They are bottom ported which make them more room friendly. For comparison the closest current model to these would be the Super Alnico XRS which sells for $3300 + shipping with the same Ebony finish. The flagship Super Alnico High Output sells for $4700 + shipping.

I am asking for $1595 but will discount $100 for a local buyer in the Washington DC area (20011).
I will ship to the US lower 48 states with the buyer covering actual shipping costs. Please add 3% for PayPal. I would consider accepting a check allowing time for it to clear.  If shipped they would require two boxes at about 50 pounds each.

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