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Ollo audio: Pro headphones from Slovenia

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Roderick, Sep 11, 2018.
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  1. Claus-DK
    To me the difference is that S4 has a greater distance to the music, so it is the soundstage that is the biggest difference and a tad more bass in the S4
  2. Reinhold
    i hate padrolling :rage:
  3. Claus-DK
    Then don´t :)
    My review of the S4’s.

    Products used:
    Source: Apple Macbook Pro running Audirvana Plus running Tidal Hifi and Qubuz
    DAC: Chord Mojo
    Headphone Amp: Cavalli Liquid Carbon X
    Headphones/IEMs: Audeze LCD-2C and JH Audio Roxanne
    Cable: Audioquest USB with Jitterbug, Periapt balanced headphone cables (for Audeze), single ended Audeze stock cable, and Cables Plus RCA to 3.5mm
    Testing methodology: Instantaneous A/B testing in a 35 db room using the same amp, volume, signal chain, and songs. This was due to the amp having two outputs. I would listen to a passage on one headphone then re-listen to that same passage on the other headphone.

    - Overall the shipping box presentation was nice with the stickers and paper used to enclose the product. All of the materials to include cables are of good quality.
    - The headphones are made of good quality material; e.g. leather and wood are nice.
    - The headphones are lightweight. In each of my listening sessions the weight of the headphones did not become noticeable.
    - The tonality of the headphones was near perfect. A trumpet sound like a trumpet etc.
    - Related to the above comment concerning tonality; the sub-bass has nice authority. I have over 41 tracks that detail multiple aspects of sub-bass and the S4s did well with each.

    - No left and right markings on the headphones (yes on the cables).
    - Ear pad depth is very shallow. I felt my ear touching the driver assembly.
    - Ear pad circumference was small. My ears touched all the way around. For best comfort I had to push the pads forward with the back of the pad resting on the back of my ear lobe. This was not conducive for long term listening.
    - I can only use these for in home listening where I have a quiet listening room.
    - Stage width and depth compressed. This was the most glaring concern. I spent the most of my time ensuring I was hearing the headphones and not the recording. In many songs the left, center and right images were too close together. Depth was very close to the listener, with some cases of the images inside the head or at the driver.
    - Images detail lacking. In many cases the image of a instrument or a vocalist was not readily discernible.
    - Related to the above imaging comment; most images were 2D versus 3D. A sense of holography is part of mixing.
    - Mid-bass (rise around 175Hz as indicated by your plot) had a veiled presentation. Huskiness on some females voices presented when not normally there. Drum presentation had cases of bloat.
    - Some busy passages could get congested. When multiple frequencies are playing some frequencies would suffer at the expense of others.

    I was excited to receive and review the Ollo S4. The Ollo guys are doing great with marketing their product with a great Instagram and Facebook presence. The names of the endorsers help the cache of the brand. I think they have a great product for the price. The headphones are punching above their weight class. The price point will interest many buyers. However, I have listened to many headphones that I am able compare to this product. I try to only have one product for each need (mixing, home listening etc). Unfortunately I don’t believe this product eclipses my current headphones/IEMs. While every product has tradeoffs, I think I would be missing information from the recording due to my above concerns. I don't believe any of my concerns are not preference but objective issues.
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  5. Jazmanaut
    Hello all. There is allready much sayed on these wonderfull cans in here, but here is my two cents:

    I have both, open and closed versions and in my DAW there is two independent headphone outs, so its quite easy to compare these both.
    First of all S4R are just magnificent closed back headphones. very "open" sound and to my ears it´s quite flat, and has bass, that goes extremely deep.
    Highs are very precise and revealing, but never ever overly harsh, if track is not mixed that way. And what is very strange to me, there is not a single one resonance peaks, that i could find by listening!!! That´s very rare thing in this price gategory.
    Two minor cons that i find, was that even they are "closed back" design, they are not very sealed from outside noise. But on the other hand i think that´s the reason that they sound so "open". Another thing is that they have a minor bump. like +1.5dB on around 180Hz. Thats Nitpicking and does not really bother me at all.

    Now, whats differences on S4 open backs?
    Strange enough, i feel that S4 sounds more like closed cans. Crazy i know! Soundstage is a bit more narrower than on S4R. Bass is tight and flat, but dont have the same sub bass "umph" that is in closed version.
    What is amazing, that when listening sinesweep from 20Hz-20Khz they truly are amazingly flat, and channel balance is just perfect.

    But after all, differences with these two are very small. Both are just crazy good cans, especially for the money. They are kind of indentical twins: For a first look they look identical, but when you get to know them better, they both have their own personalities. If you twist my arm, i prefer a bit more S4R. They sound a bit more "fun" and keep outside noise out better, when i take them outside of house. (Yes they are sensitive enough to drive from your phone.)

    If i must compaire them to some other cans, Sennheiser HD650, or Audeze LCD2, comes to my mind. But these are more revealing than HD650:s and more compact and comfort (and cheap) than LCD2:s
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
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  6. Bob Ley
    Which pair would be better for non-studio use (listening to music while working at desk)?
  7. Jazmanaut
    Definedly S4R. Less noise leakage from and to surround. And they are a bit more fun sounding.
  8. Bob Ley
    Thanks, you've tried both?
  9. Bob Ley
    I should have clarified, working at a desk alone.
  10. Jazmanaut
    Yes. See my review above.
  11. Bob Ley
    Thanks, just to reiterate my comment, if I'm at a desk alone listening to music, would you still recommend the S4R's?
  12. Jazmanaut
    Yes i do. They are a bit more fun to listen to my taste.
  13. Bob Ley
    Thanks for your reply!!
  14. nghenhac
    Howdy everyone, I like to chime in some of my impressions of the S4.

    Products used:
    Source: Apple Macbook Pro running JRiver Media Center, and colibri-lossless
    DAC: D50 Topping
    Headphone Amp + mobile phone : Cayin IHA-6, Samsung Note8, Yamaha receiver for movie watching.

    Important noticed:

    Prior to purchase this headphone from Ollo, I understand the company is focused their headphone design mainly for recording and studio works. I know it is entirely my responsibility of being accountable or to blame if this headphone doesn’t go my way (meaning good sound to my ears for the music genres I listen to, in scientific involve :wink: )

    I am not a mixing or recording artist; I have purchased this pair of headphone for my personal entertainment. My quest is finding a pair of headphone in the price range below $500 which doesn’t need external power amplifier to drive. In addition to that, I need a pair of good sounding headphone that doesn’t hurt my ear my ear and comfortable to fall asleep on it.

    I listen to jazz and country music, I prefer a headphone that shine on the upper mid frequencies such as vocal from both male and female singers. Well! Ollo Studio S4 has given me that wish. The vocal shines through without getting harsh; it is sweet and clear can easily put me to sleep.

    The Good: (beside its vocal strength)
    The bass from this headphone is precise and fast, it rolls off fast in my opinion. No mean of lacking of bass its present is all there.

    The treble is great, nothing to complain here.

    The next great thing about the S4 is for movie without disturbing anyone else. I can assure, the transformer ‘s movies are so better than my 7.1 home theater system. I can hear subtle dialog from the left/right or the back like I am in it. I think this unique of the S4 will work really well for gamers out there.

    The Bad:

    Now I have described the good side, let talk about the bad side. In my opinion, there is no headphone with 100% pros only. It must have some pro and con depend on the music you listen to.

    Fast or upbeat music will sound bad on this headphone; I feel like the S4 can’t keep up to those songs. Everything is overwhelming, seem like the S4’ drivers does not have speed to penetrate. I feel little disappointed when listen to a few pop country songs; for example, few of songs from Florida Georgia Line are rather fast and upbeat.

    There is a small complaint I want to bring up is the earpad, it is over ear but not truly over ear. I wish it can be a little bit bigger for long hours listening session.

    I really this headphone for late night jazz and slow country songs which have their best effect on the S4. It is a great headphone for its price, but my quest for a pair headphone will continue.
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  15. DarKu
    Hey guys, just published my review and a video review as well.
    Loved every part of S4, certainly worth every penny.
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