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Ollo audio: Pro headphones from Slovenia

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Roderick, Sep 11, 2018.
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  1. Roderick
    Something is wrong with the pictures. I can't see them. I quoted you and now they are visible in the quote. Just posting this in case someone else could not see the pictures.
    Edit: now I see them :open_mouth:
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  2. Claus-DK
    Back on track, last day..
    Katie Melua: the closest thing to crazy
    It is hard, I just dissapeer in the music and forget that I have to write, bugger.
    I just love how female voices are presented, it is a thing that they share with DX1000, female voices are just so penetrating, it does male voices great to, but the magic really happens, when listening to a voice like Katie Melua´s , I almost reach out and comfort her, she seems so sad and so close..

    U2: the sweetest thing
    Lots of stuff going on, it seems like all members of the band just does their own thing and get toogether for the chorus. The instruments and people are wonderfull apart and it is easy to focus on one of the sounds/instruments, good and clear.

    Dire Straits Why worry ?
    Yes indeed why worry I like it does not matter how much power you pump out from your amp, this song is quiet and calm. I like the intimacy presented the closeness to the music.

    To make a small conclusion.
    The best thing about his phone is the headband and the overall comfort, it is really something special, at least on my head.
    They sound amazing, they have this sweetspot on female voices that just sweeps the feet away under me.
    Looks, they are different and a fresh breath in design, tho it looks like a headphone buildt for cowboys.

    I did manage to find a flaw, the rods between the cups, is a bit unlucky, there is no resonans or such, it happens when you flick the rods, then they play a note, nice and clear BTW, it is not a problem, as I do not go flicking my rods and have not seen other doing it either.
    A rubberband would remove it I guess, but it is not worth getting out of the chair to get a rubberband, as it does not happen unless I make it happen.
    I had to find something..
  3. Kammerat Rebekka
    I am expecting the Ollo to hit my apartment sometime today and am genuinely looking forward to it! Mostly because what Claus has written about it but also because it looks like a real life cowboy can - y'know the one both Lucky Luke and John Wayne would prefer.
    It is however entering an apartment with lots pf competition ie the h500, q701, hd58X, he400s, pro2900, dt990, pro550 as well as the small but highly invigorating hfi-15g.
    I expect it to sport a tuning close to the he500 and the Sennheiser but we'll see.
    One thing is for damn sure: Wanted Dead Of Alive will be the first tune to play through the sonic saddle! Can't wait.
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  4. Kammerat Rebekka
    Holy shickels!!

    Yeah ermm where exactly to start...
    This headphone has completely changed the way I look at cans. Now I've been through a sea of them during my life but here during the last couple of years I've seemed to grow madder and madder. I think I've had 50+ through my door the last 2 years and I've listened to perhaps thrice that on the side.
    Seems like a pretty good starting point in terms of having to describe a new one rolling through the door...and yet I find it difficult simply because this Ollo S4 doesn't sound like anything I've come across before.
    I remember just how many folks who've told me that 'a neutral headphone doesn't exist...but if you ever try one it'd bore you to tears'.
    Well that is just bs. The first thing that hit me was the level of detail. Oh my word!!! I had simply never heard detail delivered with such effortlessness and natural gusto...and it got me thinking: maybe the colour we sometimes think we prefer in cans actually end up masking a lot of the detail hidden inside the music.
    It's only when you sit down with a headphone like this Ollo that the above really hits home. I certainly haven't heard detail at this level outside of the hd800, but then again there it feels somewhat forced and not at all this natural (I absolutely adore the hd800 btw).

    This headphone will play anything you care to throw at it, brilliantly no less. Hip hop via a "neutral" can often sounds dull - not via Ollo. If the bass is boosted in the mix you get wonderfully undistorted boosted bass through Ollo...and it reaches looooow too. Play the same album through say the q701 and it sounds wrong. The bass is still pretty neutral though but it's effectively being masked by the mids and highs.

    It's the same story with everything else I've tried and I have a wildly eclectic taste in music ranging from dub-step and zeuhl to dream-pop and jazz.
    What more? Yeah even badly recorded music sounds great over this can. Why? Well it doesn't boost mids and highs so you don't get all the productional mistakes pointed out to you in that say dt880-like fashion. With Ollo the music still feels natural. It's never dark or bright or anything other than incredibly detailed and natural sounding. I've heard new facets and details in music I know like the back of my hand with this can. It is incredible! I want to know how all of my music sounds through this thing.
    It is without a shadow of a doubt the most naturally detailed can I've ever had the pleasure of listening to...and I need one! Most definitely!!!

    This is one of those headphones that every can-head out there genuinely needs to listen to just once in their life. Neutrality does NOT sound like you think it does. Trust me on this.

    Last words:

    Bigger soundstage than what I was expecting with what I'd personally call a semi-open design.
    Your phone will drive this properly.
    Take out the red filt in the cups to get more of an open feel and incidentally more room for your ears.

    Ollo have hit a home-run with this. Pure and simple.

    Edith: I just remembered something very unimportant to add. In Danish Ollo with an added s (Ollos) can mean Olympic Games Lynx or indeed Ol-los. I affectionately call it my 'los' (lynx).
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
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  5. kvik
    S4 b-stock and S4R limited edition (6 pcs left) each available for €190 right now at Ollo website
  6. Roderick
    So I finally got around to measure frequency response of ollos. Neutral is not the word that comes to mind, but I't could be close if compensated with how we actually hear. Ollos have an emphasis on mid bass and lower midrange that makes things sound more present. Upper midranges is naturally emphasized by our own hearing. If I had same compensation curves as Tyll from innerfidelity used to have, it would be a lot flatter.

    However, compared to audioquest nighthawk we get more upper midrange which adds to clarity and more even treble. Where as NH's sound veiled OLLO's do not, but OLLO still have the great bass and rich lower midrange.

    Both headphones have impecable low frequency reproduction. I had only measured Nighthawks stopping at 20hz but they could go lower, OLLO seems to go even lower than 10hz!

    However both are headphones with heavy bass, ollos are just tad less dark making them a better headphone for an average joe.

    ollo vs nh.jpg
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  7. Zippy0
    Has anyone found different pads that work for the S4?
    I love how they sound, but the pads are just terrible....
  8. Claus-DK
    Hm5 pads will fit, not perfect, but better than original...any pad that are between 8 and 9 CM in diameter can be put on..
  9. Reinhold
    how much is the inner diameter and the depth from the earpads?
    will beyerdynamic dt770/dt880 pads fit?
  10. Roderick
    Sadly no. Beyerdynamic pads are bigger and the pad lip is too small to attach properly. Pads would just fall off. Diameter is not far off though so maybe some mod could help. IMG_20190203_132458.jpg IMG_20190203_132705.jpg because of large pad lip oval hm5 pads fit but they look stupid IMG_20190203_132536.jpg
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  11. Claus-DK
    My Ollos are so much cooler than yours..
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  12. Zippy0
    I am currently thinking about giving the Dekoni Pads for the Fostex T50RP a try for my Ollo's.
    Does anyone by chance know the dimensions of those pads?
  13. Reinhold
    thanks for your opionen. whats the problem with the original pads, they doesn´t look too small. is it the material or the foam?
  14. Roderick
    Materials are good. They're just a quite thin and the opening is bit small. I can wear those for hours though but comfort is just average. I'm sure people with small ears don't have any problems. For large ears it's a different story. I think I'm somewhere in the middle.
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  15. Zippy0
    Just ordered the Dekoni T50RP Sheepskin Pads, as well as Shure 1540 Alcantara pads to try out with my S4. Should arrive early next week.

    Apart from that, does anyone know, if there is any difference of the S4 compared with the S4R, apart from the closed of back? Because if there is no other difference, I'll make myself some closed panels with my 3d printer to try out.
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