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  1. StalkerAssassin
    For Sale
    Selling a sound card Onkyo Wavio SE-200PCI LTD (Tweak).
    Photo gallery.

    Tweak features:
    - Soldered beds for the possibility of replacing OA;
    - Included such OA: 4xOPA2134PA + 2xLME49860NA, including stock;
    - Replaced all ceramic capacitors by the film WIMA FKP2 and WIMA MKS2;
    - Replaced output electrolytic capacitors by the Black Gate "Standart Series";
    - Card in firmware Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 HiFi for the functioning of the driver ASIO.
    Card of circuit design has not been changed, all capacitors original values.

    Packing list:
    - Own box;
    - A special connector to connect multichannel acoustic 7.1;
    - Interconnect cable;
    - Optical cable

    Price: $OLD

    Payment: Prepaid payment system "Western Union".

    Shipping: to Worldwide by the buyer, courier service EMS.

    Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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