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$OLD: T3 iBasso amp and LOD

  1. skoog5600
    I've got a brand spanking new silver T3 iBasso for sale. Owned two weeks, used only three times. I originally purchased it to combine with an Ipod, LOD package sale, but no takers.
    I am asking $100 - I will pick up the shipping and Paypal (Will ship worldwide)
    Also have the iBasso (white) LOD for sale - $30
    If you buy both I will sell it for $120.
    Thanks for looking
    Feedback is in my signature.
    Will send photos if you'd like or you can check it out on the iBasso site.
    iBasso T3 (silver) - http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=45
    iBasso LOD (White) - http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=55
  2. slickooz
    Hi, my friend might be interested in your T3 and LOD package. Can you hold it for him?
  3. skoog5600
    Both have been $OLD

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