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Ok I am going to explain what I am looking for in an IEM.

  1. kevms89
    After getting the re400 it made me realize what I am looking for finally.
    Detail of something like the RE400, they have more detail than my XBA-3.
    Wide Soundstage.
    Nice Clear bass (im no basshead).
    Good isolation and comfortable.
    Clarity! The re400's sound muffled compared to my XBA-3's.
    So yea, nice clear detailed iem with good bass that is not overpowering but still sounds good and clear. The re400 fits most of that except it sounds muffled to my ears and the soundstage isnt very wide. The XBA-3 on the other hand has the clarity and bass but does not seem as detailed to me and the bass is good but I think it might be a little much.
    Is there anything you guys can recommend around $200 or less?
  2. tgdinamo
    I doubt you will find something better than re400 under $200.
    If you can move up into $250-$300 range you may want to check out Etymotic ER4-PT (I think it has great detail and clarity and just the right amount of bass, and very comfortable).

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