ok, final decision time.
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Apr 8, 2008
ok, i have a decision to make here.

i just graduated, and have a good amoutn of money (i got $1700 O.o)

so, im putting aside $500 of that for new audio stuff.

i need a DAC/AMP

so i was thinking, Ibasso D2 Boa and interconnect on their site = $210 shipped, that leaves almost $300 for a new pair of cans or recabling/new pads/etc for my k240's.

so, heres the question:

$500 on a predator, or $200 on a d2 boa and use the 300 for upgrades (i wont use all 300 obviously)

ill prolly go cable upgrade casue its a removable cable, which i could eventually upgrade headphones and just transfer the cable over

then again i could use some high quality closed cans...

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Just bought a Predator so have to say that.......though reading that aint instant gratification lol
1000 hours till burnt in
have grado 325i and they are awesome sounding after ABOUT 60 HOURS LOL
so do you have 940 spare hours to burn in?
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i do have the time to burn it in, but considering the price different i wouldnt think that the predator performs 150% better :p
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2.5 times better so 250% better
im arguing against myself here lmao
just trying to justify my purchases lol
what you using the other 1200 for lol?
i only been headfi-ing a month or two and already im mr VISA's new best friend!!
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I'd figure out what phones you wanna use then what can drive them the best. I know if you have like k701's and other hard to drive items the the D2 Boa isnt the way to go. iBasso has said things to that effect in email response to people and also people using the D2 Boa in the big long post about it have said that.

For me if it were my choice I'd be all over a RSA Pred or the Pico and use the Cans you already have.
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im using them to power k240 studios, dt770 pros and occationally Metro.fi 2's, so im thinking stick with what i have, do the recable i wanted, maybe new pads, and ill be a happy camper with the d2 boa.

heh, the other 1200 im saving for college

my friend is getting some sr-60's, ive never listened to grados, so ill listen to em and see if i like the size/etc before i decide too much :p
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i had to go with the boa, the predator no matter how much better wouldnt be worth the $500 +extra for interconnect vs the $210 for boa and interconnect to me.

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