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OIDIO SOUND Impressions Thread

  1. AlterAnthony
    This thread is meant to collect impressions and feedback about OIDIO SOUND, a UK-based cable maker that specializes in headphone cables.

    They've been around for about a year, but they've remained pretty low-key so far. I stumbled upon them a few weeks back when I was looking for an affordable balanced cable for my HD650/HD58x. I finally ordered their Pellucid-Plus (SPC) cable which arrived a couple of days ago:
    OIDIO SOUND #2.jpg OIDIO SOUND #1.jpg

    Some notes about the cable and overall purchasing experience:
    • The cable's build quality is excellent with quality components used. Aesthetically and ergonomically top-notch. I opted for an Amphenol 4-pin XLR connector, but the usual Neutriks are also available.
    • The packaging is simple but nice and functional. And you get biscuits!
    • They are very responsive to emails and ready to help and accommodate customers.
    • It took 8 days from the moment I submitted my order to the parcel reaching me (I'm in mainland EU).
    • The prices are very reasonable + shipping is free on orders over 60 GBP.
    • They offer a variety of cable types (copper & silver-plated copper in several configurations) and customization options for any headphone you can think of.
    All in all, mine was a perfect first experience with the company. I can wholeheartedly recommend them, especially taking into account how few headphone cable makers operate within the EU.
  2. xenithon
    Also looking into these - keen to hear from any other owners? Particularly interested in whether they’re microphonic.
  3. AmusedToD
    Subscribing to this thread. Do Oidio cables work well with Focal headohones, anyone?

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