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OIDIO SOUND Impressions Thread

  1. AlterAnthony
    This thread is meant to collect impressions and feedback about OIDIO SOUND, a UK-based cable maker that specializes in headphone cables.

    They've been around for about a year, but they've remained pretty low-key so far. I stumbled upon them a few weeks back when I was looking for an affordable balanced cable for my HD650/HD58x. I finally ordered their Pellucid-Plus (SPC) cable which arrived a couple of days ago:
    OIDIO SOUND #2.jpg OIDIO SOUND #1.jpg

    Some notes about the cable and overall purchasing experience:
    • The cable's build quality is excellent with quality components used. Aesthetically and ergonomically top-notch. I opted for an Amphenol 4-pin XLR connector, but the usual Neutriks are also available.
    • The packaging is simple but nice and functional. And you get biscuits!
    • They are very responsive to emails and ready to help and accommodate customers.
    • It took 8 days from the moment I submitted my order to the parcel reaching me (I'm in mainland EU).
    • The prices are very reasonable + shipping is free on orders over 60 GBP.
    • They offer a variety of cable types (copper & silver-plated copper in several configurations) and customization options for any headphone you can think of.
    All in all, mine was a perfect first experience with the company. I can wholeheartedly recommend them, especially taking into account how few headphone cable makers operate within the EU.
  2. xenithon
    Also looking into these - keen to hear from any other owners? Particularly interested in whether they’re microphonic.
  3. AmusedToD
    Subscribing to this thread. Do Oidio cables work well with Focal headohones, anyone?
  4. donutbits
    Just bought the Pellucid (non plus) for my HD650. Currently using with Schiit Modi Multibit > Jotunheim. Amazing duo. Cable is so far perfect
  5. Deftone
    I purchased a custom XLR balanced stock sennheiser cable for my HD650 and HD660, job well done at a good price.
  6. Alboxing
    Hello everybody,

    good timing I purchased one of their cables back in December. In my case I bought a balanced cable (2.5mm trrs) for Sennh 518/558/598.

    They have been very communicative, shipping was fast ( though it took 4 weeks to arrive UK-->ITALY because our postal service is kinda inefficient and because of Christmas delays etc ).

    The item arrived in a very nice box, very well presented and with a fortune-wishing packet of biscuits, which was kind of nice.

    The cable itself is an original sennheiser one (they included the original pouch with serials) and the custom connector seems well soldered and of good quality.

    I have been using it since and have had no problems so far. Hope this feedback helps.
  7. monumonu

    I bought 2 cables to pair with my combo DT 1770, IFI Micro DSD BL, iPurifier 3 : PELLUCID-PLUS USB and MONGREL SERIES mini xlr.
    Items came in a small box, each was gift wrapped, very kind attention.

    I choosed 2 colors for the Mongrel : Black and Blue Navy, check my picture :wink:
    The connectors are great, to cut it short, everything is really well done.

    And the more important, the sound quality is amazing! Very natural and vivid compared to stock cables, or compared to Furutech GT2 B USB and mini xlr cables I have too.
    I'm listening a lot of acoustic and live music, this combo make me feel in the room each time.

    So big applause for the Oidio team, I strongly recommend their products !
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  8. xenithon
    Has anyone tried their IEM cables? Particularly interested in how they sound and also their microphonics.
  9. Taz777
    I'm about to order an Oidio Pellucid-PLUS for my Amiron Home headphones. Can anyone comment on how tangle-free and soft/flexible the Oidio is? I really like the usability of the stock Amiron 3m cable, so I'm hoping that the Pellucis-PLUS is just as tangle-free and flexible.
  10. Taz777
    So I got my Oidio Pellucid-PLUS cable for my beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones and have listened for three hours so far. The spec configured on the Oidio site was:

    SKU: OPP-D35
    Colour: Diamond
    Left / Right Marking: Black / Red
    Length: 3m
    Source Connector: 6.35mm Neutrik Gold Jack
    Splitter: Black Splitter with OIDIO Logo
    Wire Coating (Above Splitter): Clear/Silver
    Wired For Headphone Type: Beyerdynamic T1 / T5P / Amiron
    Source Connector Branding (excluding name brand connectors): OIDIO branding if possible

    Note that 3m was the longest length that could be ordered. Total price for the above configuration came in at 150.50 GBP. Delivery took 10 days from order to being delivered. Delivery method used was Royal Mail Special Delivery before 1.00pm. The packaging was very nice:


    I used Hosa G5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT GOLD Contact Enhancer Spray to clean the connectors - I always do this on all audio cables, even new ones. This cable was ordered to see if the stock 3m cable supplied with beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones could be bettered. I like the stock cable for its tangle-free characteristics, softness/flexibility and lack of microphonics.

    Negative Points
    • It's not a very soft or flexible cable (compared with the stock cable of the Amiron Home headphones)
    • It's quite microphonic so if the cable rubs against anything, you'll hear it in your headphones

    Positive Points
    • The 6.35mm Neutrik Gold Jack is awesome! It's feels solid and heavy, and fits into the headphone jack socket of my headphones amp (Arcam rHead) securely
    • The 3.5mm jacks also fit securely into my beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones
    • The sound is quite different compared to the stock cable that came with my headphones - it's even less veiled now. I felt drawn into the soundstage more. There is a a harder edge to the instruments. Vocals are even clearer now. Treble also seems to be more pronounced now, fortunately without being 'splashy'. Of course, I need a lot more listening time, but I was surprised at how different this cable made the music sound.
    All in all, the negative points don't matter too much in my use case: bedtime listening, where I'm not moving around much. They may matter for you if you're listening in an environment where the cable is likely to rub against anything. The sound is more dynamic now, with a lot more higher end. I did some bass test tracks and there were no issues with the bass.
  11. RestlessZombi
    I bought various parts from Oidio in the last month and each has been recieved next day, well packaged and with a note saying "good luck with my project and if I needed help feel free to ask", oh and Biscuits :)

    After my first order I haven't and wouldn't hestitate to buy from this company. I can't comment on their cables but their service and support has been amazing.

    Link to the cable I made with the parts.

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