OHIO Meeting?Columbus/Cincy/Cleveland

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  1. buke9
    Your more than welcome to have my spot as I can’t make it it would be a shame to miss this one as there is going to be a bunch of great gear there.
  2. aptr91
    Much appreciated.
  3. lac29
    My spot is also open since I just got my car issues fixed and it's a bit of a drive. Doesn't help that the weather is not very good today ... first snow of the winter?

    Sorry I can't bring my CA Andromedas.
  4. Whitigir
    Waiting to see some of the pictures and activities :), pretty hyped with the new ATH flagship
  5. Slater
    Big thanks to Rick and the whole HF crew for putting on the Ohio meet.

    It was nice to meet all of you and a rare opportunity to check out all of the great gear.

    Based on all of the great cans I had a chance to demo, I already have a list of gear that I’m looking forward to eventually adding to the stable.

    Thanks again.
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  6. aptr91
    I stole someone's cable. PM me and I'll send it back.
  7. buke9
    I offered you my spot and you are stealing cables?
  8. aptr91
    I'm the gingerbread man.
  9. buke9
    Well good enough for me as I hope you listened to all of the good stuff.
  10. Donal
    Thanks Rick, for hosting a fine event, and thanks to all those who brought their goodies to share. Very impressive all around.
  11. Jayzz
    Now I know why the Andromeda weren't there. I was looking forward to running them on a MOJO but both weren't there. It would have been great to A-B them with my 64 Audio U6. Till next time!
  12. lac29
    Sorry man, I spent 3+ hours in the BMV and it was just a bit too late. The snow/sleet didn't help either. If you're in Cbus let me know and you can listen to them.
  13. MeltyGoblin
    Had a great time today. Thanks to everyone for bringing all the awesome stuff to audition!
  14. Jayzz
    There were quite a lot of gear, this is my first meet and haven't seen these many headphones in one place.

    I was conscious to try only sub 1k phones and my picks were Fostex TH610, TH900 and HD660S. I felt Ether flow was little thin and for some reason Aeons had an uneven weight balance on my head.

    Spent some good time interacting with @tryzub @Schwibbles @AxelCloris and Jude. Rick was a wonderful host.
  15. Schwibbles
    Big thanks to @FunctionalDoc for hosting another fun meet and to everyone else who came out. I had a great time today meeting everyone and trying out new gear. I just wish I was able to get through more of it!

    I hope everyone else learned as much as I did.

    Hopefully we'll have another Ohio (or relatively local) meet at some point; would love to do it again.

    Nice to meet you. Glad you found a few options that you liked!
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