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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Tuneslover

    I have the 598SE and to my ears it sounds very good with my Modi and Magni 2U on my iMac (iTunes 16/44.1). However I'm wondering how (better, different or same) it would sound with a Vali2. I worry if I can only live with the stock tube as I don't want to spend more on a couple of tubes than the Vali2 itself but many have reported that the stock tube is very good with the Vali2.
  2. a44100Hz

    Hah. I just ordered it on massdrop after seeing those photos. Looks like fun and the price is right XD
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  3. DeeKay10
    Any opinions on this with IEMs? Shure SE535 in particular.
  4. jlangholzj
    Can't say anything on stock tube vs otherwise but as far as rolling goes.....it gets dangerous :p
    You are correct that the noval (9-pin) tube that works in the vali2 is a twin triode (not a dual, those can be different triodes in the same tube). So now where the "difference" comes in is which tube is placed in the socket (I'm using quotes on that because some designs have more of an impact to rolling than others). Its basically like how when you walk into a furniture store and they've got an entire FLOOR or recliners. Now some of these don't fit your bum, so those get tossed out (design considerations). The ones that do fit your bum, some let you sink in more than others. Some are a bit more upright. Some are rigid, some are rockers. The big plush one that you get absorbed into might be MY favorite but not yours. Same thing with tube rolling. All of them serve the same purpose and function the same (parking your bum) but personal preferences will dictate if you want one vs the other. This analogy applies for twin triodes (loveseats) or recliners (power tubes like pentodes, tetrodes, etc).
  5. E8ArmyDiver
    Yes,HE400i's.Finally getting the sound I was looking for when I started upgrading.
  6. TinearedOne
    I can confirm that the Vali 2 pairs well with the AKG K612 Pro in high gain mode.
  7. Tuneslover
    Screw the wondering...I just ordered a Vali 2.
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  8. hagenhays
    Last I checked...mine went from Cali to Michg. Problem is I live in MT. That's the post office for you. I hope it gets here by Sat so I have a few hrs to play around with it.

    I have a q for you guys. Does anyone still listen to cds on here? I'm too lazy to rip them. Was wondering if a blu Ray thru a Schiit modi will do just as good as a dedicated CD player.
    Any feedback on that would be great.

    The wait is killing me.
  9. sheldaze
    Thanks @tommo21 for the Mullard suggestion - this tube is most generous with its syrupy sweetness.
    I could literally listen to the original tube on HD800 for a while, a then pop this in and feel like I've switched to a new headphone or amplifier [​IMG]
  10. bretemm
    I'm wondering about IEMs as well, I'm deciding between sennheiser, shure 435, 545, klipsch, westone or RHA.
  11. Currawong Contributor

    I was using it with Roxannes. Not the best control, but a heck of a fun listen!
  12. sheldaze
    And now back to the cheap 6CG7 tube, but this time with HD800 (was originally using K7XX when I was underwhelmed). This is...uhhh...good [​IMG]
    That is, there is certainly something sonically happening, quite noticeable through the HD800, and nothing I would object to. I guess I'm just too new to tubes to be really seeking any particular sound. But I'm currently listening to some Dave Matthews Band (often my goto) and liking how the vocals are nicely enunciated, but the music is still there pleasant/present softly in the background. I could certainly listen to this and say - good enough! No need to roll another!
    In short, I found myself not liking the original tube (preferring straight m9XX > HD800 versus m9XX > Vali 2 > HD800). But with this tube, I'm liking the sound through the Vali 2.
  13. h2rulz
    Gotta agree, 6CG7 might just be it for me. The stock tubes although very nice was a bit too intimate, despite the relatively improved soundstage and lower end over the first Vali. However, the 6CG7, I can listen to this for long sessions with joy!
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  14. hagenhays
    I saw they have this 6cg7 tube at tube depot with options to match the triodes ($2) high gain ($2 )and low noise microphonics ( $4).

    What are your guys thought on these 2 upgrades? I assume the balancing triodes is a must for equal stereo distribution, but what about the other 2 upgrades--do you think they are worth it.

    Definitely thinking about picking up a pair. (Keeping one as a spare)
  15. h2rulz
    I didn't go for any of those options, and it is sounding just fine.
    Although YMMV.

    But really this is better left for the experienced tube rollers to answer, which I am definitely not.
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