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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. joeexp
    Get a SOVTEC 6922 USSR valve. Works really nicely with the Sennheiser HD 650!
    Best £12 spent ever.
    Not loose sounding anymore!
  2. jlangholzj
    With you guys that are rolling, how long are you letting tubes settle in if they're brand new? I've found that in the first two days (cum. 24 hrs or so) of listening that your sound will change and that the tubes will take a bit to settle in. I can't say this is true on a vali per-say but the rest of my tube gear has all exhibited this. Nothing super dramatic like "omg this is the best toob evar" or "god it sounds like ***** now" but there will be an audible difference. A few designs that I've done I really didn't like at first but really came around after I gave it some time to work in. Not sure how familiar some of your are with tubes (and hell I'm still learning into them everyday) but its something to consider since this may be some of yours first venture into triode land.
  3. sheldaze
    And when you say "letting tubes settle in" do you mean while playing music and with headphones connected? Just powered on?
    Sorry if it is a silly question - I'm coming from the Cavalli Liquid Carbon thread, where the amplifier could be burned in with no headphones - just music. So, I ask!
  4. joeexp

    Best if you have the headphones connected -  roughly 8 hours will get you there. [YMMV]
    The Vali 2 kind of sounds off the first few hours. But once settled in, can quite easily compete with the Liquid Carbon.
    Although they are quiet different beasts….
  5. jlangholzj
    The big thing is that you have a source connected. Make that voltage swing. The process just kind of cleans off the plates and gets its bias point to settle in well. The theory is that by applying a source and getting it to swing through its max range of output, you're just covering more of that spectrum. I'm assuming that the LC wants you to crank the volume and give it a source? If so you're doing just that, making those tubes swing to their maximum designed ends. Its kind of like....if you start a project and just clean off a small portion of your bench. Once the project gets bigger (more voltage swing) you'll need to clean off extra bench space to work optimally VS if you clean the whole bench off right away, you'll have no problems no matter how big the project is, so long as it stays on the bench (max designed inputs)!
    HOWEVER. Some designs work off of the fact that you've got the tube loaded with something and need you to have that output connected. As such it might be a bit...erm...loud to have phones/speakers connected and follow the whole "max swing burn in" theory. I've done it both ways (connected vs unconnected) and I guess in my limited experience haven't noticed too much of a sonic difference outside of the fact that they just need time to settle in.
    ^^ this. I've had some stabilize within 3-4 hours and others take a good day or so. The biggest change I'll normally notice is in the first half day of listening or so.
  6. sheldaze
    All really great insights - truly appreciated!
    And...my second tube arrived today, so I will be trying it out shortly! Looks like my HD800 are stuck down the street though, so... [​IMG]
  7. painted klown
    May I ask what you mean by "there's not much in it"?
    As in these tubes aren't the best for the Vali 2, or that they make little difference?
    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "the results were a little underwhelming."?
    Underwhelming as in you didn't like the sound of the tube, or underwhelming as in, there was little change to the sound?
    Just to clarify, are you using this tube in a Vali 2, or another amp?
    If in the Vali 2, have you tried rolling other tubes into it as well?
  8. Currawong Contributor
    They don't seem to make a lot of difference. I had a bit of a wiring screw-up in my system, so I'm rolling them all again to check it wasn't affecting things, but with the HD800s and an Yggdrasil here are my rough impressions. Note that the differences are not dramatic.
    Stock tube: Lively and forward. Treble can be a bit fatiguing. Would suit darker headphones better. 
    Amperex 6922 PQ: More spacious and relaxed than the stock tube, but still keeping the precision of the music there.
    Matsus?ita 6AQ8: Same deal as the Amperex, but possibly a hair's width more relaxed still.
    Matsus?ita 6FQ7: More bass and rolled-off treble less dynamic/more flat-sounding. 
    My thoughts are that nobody should feel that the stock tube isn't good, as the Amperex costs close to half what the amp sells for, and I'm using a DAC that is vastly better than intended for it.
    painted klown and CarpeDijon like this.
  9. joeexp
    Yes - in the Vali. I have tried rolling other tubes as well - like the AMPEREX 6DJ8 (A-Frame) - which makes the Vali sound a little warmer.
    The Stock Tube is not bad at all. Depends what you are looking for.
    painted klown likes this.
  10. sheldaze
    Yes, I preferred the sound of the original tube.
    This is my first experience at tube rolling - definitely do not read anything I've written in that regard as gospel. I read just yesterday that I should also give the tubes more time. And I now have 2 tubes, in addition to the original tube. Perhaps I got a bad tube? Perhaps I got a cheap tube? Perhaps I simply did not like the tube that Moffat prefers? I certainly would not concern myself with a single tube experiment. I am looking forward to the next tube roll, and looking at more insights from people with more tube experience [​IMG]
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  11. Deftone
    does anyone know the biggest differences between Vali/Vali2 and Valhalla 2 ?
  12. mithrandir38
    The vali is a tube/solid state hybrid amp. The Valhalla is a pure tube, output transformer- less amp designed for high impedance headphones, though the 2nd gen version is a little more versatile
  13. Deftone
    sorry i was not clear enough with my question, i meant for the sound quality. A Vali 2 somehow doesnt seem right to pair with a Gumby.
    i only have 300ohm phones anyway so  having low gain options are not a requirement.
    just trying to decide if theres a better choice than Gumby>Vallhalla 2
  14. jfoxvol
    I have a Vali 2 and a Valhalla 2.  They both sound excellent with my Gumby.  The Vali 2 will work better with wider range of headphones but I've played my HD600s into both and they both sound fantastic.  The Vali 2 (if my memory serves me correct - lots of system changes lately) sounded a tad warmer than the Valhalla 2 in that setup.  Don't quote me on that but I do recall checking to make sure I hadn't accidentally picked up my HD650s.
    Edit: If tubes are not a must, seriously consider an Asgard 2.  It's amazing and a tremendous price and probably the most versatile amp in their line for the money.
  15. Deftone
    ok cool, thanks. 
    i get worried i might choose soemthing that will hold the gumby back.
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