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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. E8ArmyDiver
    It's listed as a PreAmp so output will be controlled by volume pot.
  2. Letmebefrank
    Thanks for the info! Too bad about the output volume.
  3. Billheiser
    It's "too bad" only in the very unusual case you propose of running a headphone amp into another headphone amp. Which you could do - but there's no good reason to.
  4. bigro

    I am trying to figure out why one would do this. An amplifier into an amplifier?
  5. TinearedOne
    Me too...  scratching head...
  6. Letmebefrank

    If it was a pass through then I wouldn't have to use y cables and degrade the sound, or buy another switch to run it off the same source. I suppose I could just swap cables whenever I wanted to listen to a different headphone amp, but that would cause unnecessary wear and tear on the plugs.

    As it is not a pass through, I wouldn't use it that way because it wouldn't make sense.
  7. Defiant00
    Just use y cables from the DAC to both amps, in my tests (and according to Schiit) it won't affect the sound.
  8. sheldaze
    I use the SYS because I have yet to hear Y-cables that do not degrade the sound [​IMG]
    There was also something I read where having one of the two outputs (amplifiers) turned off could somehow affect the sound of the sound fed through to the amplifier that was still turned on.
  9. Letmebefrank

    My experience with Y cables is that if both amps are on (in this case it would be to listen to the Magni 2 until the Vali 2 warms up) the signal will sound squished. I already had this problem with my speaker amp and the Magni 2, which is why I now use the SYS in reverse for those two.
  10. Defiant00

    I think I had both amps on a number of times when I was using the splitters and never noticed a difference, but who knows. Still, whatever works for you :)
  11. mysticstryk
    I wasn't aware that we could use Y-cables in that way.  So the single end would go in whichever end on the modi?  I didn't know it could take a single left or right channel, and make it for both at the end of the Y-cable.
  12. rgmffn

    Well, now you know.  But I still prefer using a Sys.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    I've rolled a few tubes through today: The stock 6B7Z, a Matsus*ita 6FQ7, 6AQ8 and an Amperex 6922 PQ and honestly there's not much in it. The 6FQ7 is a bit darker-sounding and the stock tube a tiny bit harsher in the treble than the others.
    The amp is a bit loose-sounding, in an entertaining way. It's like being slightly tipsy. It doesn't hold the most control over the music, it's a fun listen. 
  14. CarpeDijon
    Among the heaps of praise on the original Vali, there was Jude saying it was a surprisingly nice match with the HD800. Would you say (or has anyone said) the same of Vali2 and HD800? Can you recommend any tubes for this pairing?
  15. sheldaze
    Good to hear - what's working and what's not. And what's just entertaining [​IMG]
    I went pretty cheap with my 6CG7, so the results were a little underwhelming. I'll post more comments when I get my Mullard. Then I'll at least have a few points of reference.
    HD800 is also inbound. I'll probably listen to the stock and Mullard tubes. But I won't be able to directly compare against the original Vali until a February meet. But you know the Vali is only $99 [​IMG]
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