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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. jfoxvol

    Nice. I'm hoping the 6cg7 clone works. If so, I'll spring for an actual RCA. I couldn't say no to the other ones. Price was right and if I don't like them, I can certainly use in some other project amps. I'm super excited about the JAN Phillips as well.
  2. bretemm
    Thank you
  3. bigro
    What Sheldaze said.. I had an X1. It is the same jack as the headphone jack you have to go to settings and change it to line out. Remember to change it back before your plug headphones back in.
  4. bretemm
    Thank you, I kinda matched my ipod signature with the eq settings on it. I may wait to place my order under after new years
  5. mysticstryk
    I'm really interested in seeing some comparisons to the Project Sunrise and Solstice from Garage1217. Single tube hybrid amps that are close to the Vali 2 price.
  6. MrPanda

    I've got both.  I haven't had a lot of time yet with the Vali 2 yet, but it makes a nice second rig.  I've used the stock RCA tube with it, and an Electro-Harmonix 6CG7 for starters. First impression is that it puts out a lot more power, and a lot less noise than you might think.  It can power my AKG K340's which are a complex load without issue - it's also fine with the Q710, K712 and Beyer DT770.  It shines with the Phillips Fidelio 2's, for me, that's the best match - the soundstage and warm clarity of the amp are just terrific. The Fidelio's top end is a great match for the amp, nice and smooth, more so than with the Asgard 2. With HiFiMan 400i, the differences in the amps really start to show in a bigger way.  The Asgard 2 has more clarity, and a lot more soundstage. Maybe the sound is a little clinical, and maybe a little bright with that combo, but complex and loud passages are pretty much effortless with that combo. Over all, I'd say the Asgard 2 is the better amp with a more revealing headphone, but the Vali 2 is downright impressive.   I'm still breaking it in, and will comment after I get some more hours on it.
  7. Tuneslover

    Agreed as I am quite interested with both of these company's offerings.
  8. lvince95

    I had the Project Polaris and Jeremy from Garage1217 was a pleasure to deal with. He really goes above and beyond to make his customers happy.
    Schiit is great too, but I feel their CS can be tough to deal with at times.
  9. shinbojan
    I am currently using uber2 stack with my X2. Do you think that Fidelio would sound nicer with Vali2?
  10. aamefford
    Mine is up for grabs.  I love the little guy, but I fell victim to something else shiny.
  11. mysticstryk
    The curse of Head-fi in a nutshell [​IMG]
  12. MrPanda

    I was using a BiFrost multibit as the DAC, haven't heard the other Uber pieces.   But I think the Fidelio 2 has great synergy with the Vali 2.  It's a really pleasing sound, can't say if it's better, but it's addictive listening to that combo in my second setup with the Fidelio 2.  I think it's definitely more engaging than the Fidelio/Asgard combo.  HE400i/Vali 2, not so much.
    shinbojan likes this.
  13. aamefford

    LOL, for sure!  Cheaper than dirt bikes or cars though.
  14. mysticstryk
    Idk about that!  I spent more on my audio gear in the last three months than my buddy spent on his new motorcycle.  (granted, it needs some work, haha!)
  15. Letmebefrank
    Is the level of the RCA out changed by the volume knob or is it just a pass through of the RCA input? I'm trying to decide if I can put this between my modi 2U and my magni 2 without effecting the sound.
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