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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. lvince95

    Yup, LISST works. But you honestly should only look at LISST if you are selling your Asgard.
  2. volly
    Cheers man, if that's the case. The Vali 2 is a pretty damn versatile amp! 
  3. derbigpr
    I'd like to hear more impressions about the Vali 2 vs. Asgard 2, particularly with higher impedance headphones, HD600's, HD650's, T1's, etc.
    Since I got an Asus Essence One Mk2 Muses, Asgard 2 has been picking up dust since the amp section of the E1 is superior, so I was thinking about going the tube way once again and replace the Asgard 2 with the Vali 2. Would that be a good choice? Is Vali 2 up to the technical ability of the Asgard 2? Also, does Vali 2 suffer from ANY sort of channel imbalance or ANY sort of background hissing? I'm talking about ANY, 0,5 db imbalance at anything but the lowest settings on the knob is enough for me to take my hammer and bye bye Vali 2, I'm very sensitive to channel imbalance and have zero tolerance for it. Asgard 2 is perfect in those regards, less than 0,1 db precision.
  4. TinearedOne
    Another quick comment.  I don't know if the pot on this is different from the one on my Sys, but it is perfectly balanced from 0-100, so I'm guessing Schiit's supplier is giving them higher quality stuff.  Loving that I can keep the volume low.
  5. sheldaze
    I had a similar question - more so, when did they change the pot? Did it first come on a Magni 2 Uber?
    I owned the Magni 2 and Vali (and still own the SYS), and I'm finding the pot on the Vali 2 much more to my liking!
  6. aamefford
    Ditto this on the volume pot. Seriously excellent channel balance from this volume pot.  If I listen (very, very) carefully I can detect the slightest imbalance that is overcome immediately at just past initial rotation on mine.  I mean seriously below where one would ever consider listening.  Down in the noise and very faint music one hears with very efficient headphones at dead zero volume.  Vali2 is a fun, fun amp, and a serious bargain.
    sheldaze likes this.
  7. painted klown
    I too noticed that at the lowest level, the right channel comes on just a bit before the left channel comes in. Once the left channel comes in, all is well though. I am talking about just barely turning the volume knob though.
    Agreed the Vali 2 is a fun little amp. I am still enjoying mine greatly and remain equally impressed with its ability to drive my 650's. Amazing IMO. [​IMG]
  8. jfoxvol

    So this is happening
  9. sheldaze
    I was just about to say, it is so much less intimidating to roll a single tube [​IMG]
    I ordered a Mullard first, but apparently my 6CG7 just wanted to get here first. So I'm having a listen to it now [​IMG]
    jfoxvol likes this.
  10. bretemm
    Is anyone using the Vali2 by itself? with a iPod or DAP? what's the diffrence between that way or by using a Schiit DAC insted? I have the Bifrost DS and I'm wondering if I should get the SYS as well to switch or- if just using the vali2 by itself is good enough?
  11. TinearedOne
    I'm using my Vali 2 in a setup that includes the Sys and Modi 2 Uber, and I use three inputs (computer, CD transport, turntable).  The Sys is totally transparent in the system, and in fact the addition of the Vali 2 has tightened up the imaging while retaining all the detail.  Questions?
  12. bretemm
    Great, so, do you think it would work ok with a DAP? Fiio x1 by rca headphone jack to vali2 rca inputs? I'm needing more power for my 50 ohm iems, I don't really want to order a fiio amp.
  13. derbigpr
    Sweet, I'm glad to  hear that Schiit is taking it seriously and nailing the basics. There's so many amplifiers out there that suffer from channel imbalance, it's as if the designers and manufacturers don't understand that perfect channel balance is crucial to good sound on headphones and without it, you can say goodbye to proper imaging and  therefore, music enjoyment as well. Nothing worse than having a singer singing from the left side when he should be straight ahead of you.
  14. TinearedOne
    I am running my headphone preamp and Modi into they Sys, and the Sys out into the Vali 2, so if you're talking about doing something similar I can't see how it wouldn't work.
  15. sheldaze
    I do not own the FiiO X1, but I read that it does have a line out function (using the same 3.5mm jack for headphone). Use that mode, and plug directly into the Vali 2. You will need a 3.5mm to RCA conversion cable.
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