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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Nick-s-f
    Argh. Was just about to hit the buy button on the valhalla 2.
    Was flipping through the schiit website and randomly the Vali 2 pops up.

    Thought I was seeing schiit :]

    I hate this hobby..so many decisions.
  2. lvince95
    I was already set on buying the magni 2 uber for christmas and then I saw the schiit vali 2 today...
    Argh. Gotta wait for impressions dammit
  3. inseconds99
    Was about to buy a M2/M2 Uber stack, in fact earlier today I was asking about how it sounded compared to my X7 that I currently have. Then I saw the release of this with a gain switch for sensitive headphones such as my  TH-X00's. Now I think I might place an order for the Vali 2 and Modi 2.
  4. lvince95
    Exactly. The gain switch for low impedance cans was the deal breaker. An affordable tube amp, which can be used for both low and high impedance headphones? For only $20 more than the magni 2 uber? Count me in! But it seems to good to be true... there must be some drawbacks that we do not know of until people test it out.
  5. notfitforpublic
    I really enjoyed the Vali for higher Z phones when I had it. Really musical and sounded fantastic. The v2 looks like it takes care of all the issues people had with the v1 and more. Not gonna bite however, Valhalla 2 replaced the Vali for me. If I was looking, however, don't think I'd hesitate. Nicely done Schiit. Looking forward to some review and impressions!
  6. YtseJamer
    Just pulled the trigger!
  7. Badfish5446
    This type of abusive peer pressure is not appreciated by my wallet [​IMG]
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  8. YtseJamer
  9. fjrabon
    The real winners here are the Grado people.  This looks like a just about perfect amp for them.  My previous perfect Grado amp was the Lyr on low gain with tubes, but to be totally honest the Lyr was always a bit overkill, there just wasn't a great low impedance tube amp that matched Grados all that well.  If I was still heavy into Grado, I'd have already ordered this.
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  10. sling5s
    from thread: "not a warm amp"
    I guess one could tube roll.
    But I don't like getting a bright and aggressive amp and than tube rolling to compensate. Doesn't make much sense to me.
    I guess I'm out.  All my headphones are on the bright side.
  11. Badfish5446
    A cheap "warm" option would be the Amperex Japan (Matsush1ta) 6dj8's... run 30 to 40 bucks... tube monger or tube depot usually have them in stock.  I have a couple sets for my Lyr 1
  12. sling5s

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I did the whole tube rolling with Lyr 2 and didn't like it.  Purchased top of the line tubes. 
    I found the Lyr 2 warm and aggressive at the same time. Odd combination. It's warm because of the sub-bass characteristics and yet a little harsh because it's a very forward and aggressive nature.
  13. Badfish5446
    I haven't rolled too much... got lucky with the Phillips MiniWatt SQ 6922's from Tube Depot... love these tubes.... they've gone up $100 a pair since I bought mine so they are now about the same as the vast majority of 60's/70's tubes out of the Amperex Heerlan plant.  They used to be a pretty good "low cost" way of getting some glass from the oh so famous tube manufacturer.  Absolutely dead quiet with a soundstage that rivals anything I've heard.
  14. FraGGleR
    How does it not being warm mean it will be bright and aggressive?  
  15. sling5s

    Mostly from my experience with Schiit House Sound and Purrin's preference. 
    I hope it's neutral and does not have the upper mid forwardness but my experience with Schiit gear tells me otherwise.
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