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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. bcowen
    Volly!!!! Been a while. Great to see you here again! How are things?
  2. bcowen
    That's one approach, to be sure. I've listened to my Aeons through the laptop's headphone jack, and if that was the pinnacle of headphone listening, I'd be involving myself in some other hobby. :slight_smile:

    However, if @GhostLoveScore decides to go that route, PM me. Been looking for a used Vali 2, and they are hard to find.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
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  3. volly
    Been good mate, haven't been too active on Headfi much lately but I'm still around!

    How's the tube stash inventory? Is it out of control yet? :D
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  4. bcowen
    Good to hear you're good!

    As far as tube stashes, define 'out of control'. :laughing:
  5. GhostLoveScore
    Right now I won't sell it. It's useful as a volume knob.
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  6. bcowen
    Bad for me, but good for you. What are you using for the music software? Are you streaming Tidal or other, or playing CD's, etc?
  7. GhostLoveScore
    Depends, sometimes I'll put a CD and listen to it and sometimes I'll listen to 320kbps MP3s. CDs I will usually listen on GOM player, MP3s on foobar2000
  8. Keno18
    Just curious, why GOM player? I use foobar for everything. Is the interface better?
  9. GhostLoveScore
    I guess it's just a habit. I've been using it for so long and I got used to it. I already know most functions and shortcuts.
  10. Keno18
    Gotcha, if you ever get a dac let us know. Foobar has some great plugins that can take advantage of it.
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  11. cjc
    Do 6922 tubes fit the Vali 2 socket or do you need an adapter?
  12. Jacobh
    No adapter needed for a 6922. From the Vali FAQ on Schiit's webpage: But there are a lot of other options out there, including 6DJ8, 6922, ECC88, 2492, and even more. Pretty much any tube with a 6DJ8 pinout, 6V heater, and 600mA or less of heater current will work fine in Vali 2.

    With adapters, there are even more options. Look at the Vali 2 tube rolling thread for more suggestions.
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  13. cjc
    Thanks Jacobh. Does the Vali 2 show up much as B-Stock? I'd like to buy one soon.
  14. Jacobh
    I'm not really sure how often B-Stock comes available. Keep an eye on the for sale /trade forum here, that's where I bought mine (and where I'll likely sell it at some point).
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  15. MrPretty
    5 in the B-Stock sale as of right now for 99.99
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