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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. BubbaJay
    Luckily I have long skinny fingers so the dials aren't a problem for me.

    I'm really enjoying my Vali and JDS Labs EL dac combo and now I'm thinking of upgrading to a new hybrid or even full tube amp. I just don't know what to get and don't really want to spend more than $400 or so. If anyone has any suggestions on some good amps in the $400 price range please let me know.
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  2. bcowen
    If you like the sound of the Vali 2, then consider this. A little over your budget, but not by much -- B Stock at Schiit. I started with the Vali 2, then got the Lyr 3 and never looked back. Similar in sonic character, just with way bigger balls. :relaxed: And the character can be even more easily influenced with your choice of tube than with the Vali 2 (IME).


  3. Keno18
    I agree about the Lyr but I went a different route. I wanted a full tube amp but the ones that use the tubes I wanted run at least $600. I found the DarkVoice 336 SE on Drop.com for $200. It uses the 6sn7 driver and the 6as7 power tube. I've had it for over a month now and have been happy with it.
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  4. Robert Padgett

    I have found Musical Nirvana with a pair of 1960s Brimar 12at7 (CV4033) in a Valhalla 2. VH2 is $350, valves from Tubemonger.com are $90...pure tube sound, not a hybrid, OTL design.
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  5. ScubaMan2017
    20190731_125417476_iOS.jpg Behold! Fugly modifications, version 2. Socket savers on all the VH2 tubes to make them stick out (cooling); two 6N1P tubes from a local vendor (why not?); block o' wood to elevate the LOKI so EQ fine-tuning's a bit easier; trimmed the 6SN7 copper pins to snuggly fit the socket saver (aesthetics & stable-anchoring); hand-cut felt pieces to allow smooth Vali & Magni knob motion; and 2 weighted knobs from a local scientific instrument recycler (microscope knobs [finessing my fine adjustments]). Oh, and a right-angled headphone jack adaptor to reduce cable flexing. Not shown - EITR, ModiMB, SYS electrical-taped under the desk (so all the Y-connections remain connected). :gs1000smile:
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  6. BubbaJay
    I've thought about the Lyr and the DarkVoice but I don't know if I want a hybrid or full tube amp. I've started to enjoy my LCD-2C and Aiva with the Vali so a hybrid would be more practical since I could use it with all my headphones.

    I'm also considering maybe a balanced dac/amp combo like the Topping DX7s or Monolith THX AAA, something along those lines. I like how my headphones sound balanced with my M11 and a good desktop setup would be even better.

    I'll keep looking around and keep my options open for now cuz I'm in no rush and perfectly happy with what I have at the moment.
  7. Robert Padgett
    Being perfectly happy with what you have is a great place to be. Now, enjoy the music, and the "need" to buy something different will soon pass. That annoying gnawing to spend more money on something new robs us of the enjoyment and contentment with what we already have. I have found that if I can temper the "upgrade-itis", it has its own rewards.
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  8. Robert Padgett
    Scuba man--I cannot imagine a pair of hands bigger, or more clumsy than mine. Add to that no feeling in the finger-tips and we have learned the wisdom of "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome" I find your larger knobs as a unique adaptation which affords you more comfort and control. No need to apologize or explain. That is some impressive Schiit you have stacked. The socket-savers under the Valhalla 2 tubes really does improve the convection and circulation. Even if the design parameters allow for 100-C heat, we have to realize that heat is one factor which we can control. Cheers, mate!
  9. bcowen
    No it doesn't.

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  10. Robert Padgett
    Yes, it DOES! :astonished::thinking::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down:

    If the end game is musical enjoyment...:grin:
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  11. GhostLoveScore
    Hi guys, I apologize if I will sound like a whiny baby but here it goes.

    Is there anybody here that doesn't hear any difference whatsoever between using Vali 2 and without it? I've had it for about 2 years now and it really just serves me as a volume knob.
    I've read so many stories that the sound is like an angels singing in your ears etc... I honestly don't hear anything more.

    Now, I'm not that deaf. About 5 years ago I replaced my Logitech computer speakers with Kurzweil monitors and let me tell you, that was a massive difference. I really could hear more. I could hear instruments below the main ones, the guitars sounded amazing, it was really great, I had to listen to all my songs too see what else was there. But not with Vali 2. I expected something similar. I got nothing, no difference, no new details. I've been using AKG K701 and Meze 99 Classic with it.

    End of whining. Did anybody else experienced something like this? I'm plugging a computer headphone jack into Vali 2 and that's it. Am I doing something wrong?
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  12. bcowen
    Yes, you're using one of the lousiest sources imaginable. Get a decent external DAC, and then try the Vali 2 again.
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  13. Rwit
    Seconding this. Get a decent DAC like the Schitt Modi or Grace Design Standard DAC, something that puts out a line level signal, and then plug your Vali 2 into that.

    Also, don't expect angels singing in your ears! You will only be disappointed. Expect music that sounds good and a small but significant upgrade from what you have.
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  14. volly
    Going to-and-from with speakers and headphones is a different experiences extirely, musically, speakers is hard to beat! If you have the right room and environment, speakers will always sound 'better'! As for headphones, source/amp is crucial to getting the most out of your headphones! Synergy is still key here too! Vali 2 is a great little 150 dollar tube hybrid amp but ymmv with your gear that you are using. The K701 maybe do better with a solid state amp and the Meze 99 can be happy at home running off a phone/dap, it probably wouldn't do much other than to drive it with the Vali 2!

    The debate between onboard audio compared to external DAC has been done to death, but Vali 2 is just an 'amp', it will only amplify the signal. How good/decent is that signal is up to the user to decide! A Schiit Modi is 99 dollars, can't hurt to experiment??

    All the best!
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  15. senorx12562
    Sell it and listen from the jack. Simple, eh?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
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