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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Louisifer
    There ya go
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  2. Louisifer
    So I figured instead of rolling tubes on the amp, roll amps on the tubes. In perfect shape, just a lot of dust in the desert.
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  3. volly
    @bcowen - I may have advised you not to pursue this tube but perhaps if you find one for a decent price then it maybe worth your investment. :money_mouth:

    @Louisifer - How many hours have you clocked up on your Shunguang Treasure?
  4. Rossliew
    Did u attach a pic or something?
  5. raf1919
    Worst part of buying all these Russian tubes is the waiting
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  6. Louisifer
    I had only solid state amps before the Vali, and I used them for at least 3 hours per day. The stock tube starting getting grainy and weak on one channel by the time I had the big tube. My guess that I used the Vali for about 400 hours with the Shuguang tube. When I changed the tube, the improvement was immediate. If I had to use superlatives; space, detail, extension, separation, impact, and accuracy come to mind. I lost gain with the Shuguang. Hence, I had been searching for an amp to use the Shuguangas. I settled for the Icon Audio Icon Audio HP8 MKii, and after a lot of search, I got a great deal on this amp used with the stock tubes. Of course, Shuguangs on this throughout. I still love the Vali, but the Icon is so much better with the Chinese tubes. nn
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  7. Louisifer
    I tried. Volly posted the picture with the tube.
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  8. maheeinfy
    Does a 6SN7 work on Vali 2 ? If i need an adapter, can someone point me where one can get a good quality adapter?
  9. Jacobh
    Yep and you need an adapter. There are several ebay links in this thread (or just search for 6SN7 to 6922), but it looks like TubeDepot now carries them and will ship from the US. I think these adapters are all basically the same.
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  10. ACDOAN
    Newbie with Schiit here. I have the Vali 2 and to my understanding, Schiit adds a relay on/off on their amps but my Vali 2 still pops on/ off and that annoying me. Since the Vali 2 is a hybrid with preamp tube, is it safe to turn the Vali2 on without any load attach ( the headphone ) and plug the H/P after 12 second or so ?
  11. Tuneslover
    It POPS at startup (after 5-10 secs). Best to wait until it's done it's annoying thing before plugging in your headphones.
  12. jnak00
    That startup/shutdown pop is really my only complaint with this amp.
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  13. ACDOAN
    I played with Audio Reasearch, Cary SLI-80, Rogue mono blocks at my younger days but none of these tube amp/ integrated amps pop at my home audio speakers. Well that many, many moons ago, thing must have changed with the trim line cost. Now, this is not an headamp but for those who love integrated
    amps for the main rig, this is my favourite.

    Don't get me wrong, at $149.00, it's a great deal for a hybrid tube headamp with solf relay but why Schitt ppl brother with the add-on relay when it does not work. Anyway, I keep it on the shelf and use the Vali 2 with my el-cheapo but good SQ JBL HAR 700. It's much easier to replace the Harx 700 than the Senn...
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  14. ACDOAN

    I agree,
  15. rgmffn
    That annoyed me too. I upgraded to a Project Ember ll and won't look back. It's a much better amp.
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