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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. autox
    I see. Very disappointing.

    I suppose they can get away w/ DC out as a headphone amp because 1) headphone diaphragms are generally concealed and have a miniscule xmax anyway, making it very unlikely to be noticed, and 2) I think the power output vs. the windings in headphone drivers are far less likely to result in thermal damage than that equation for speaker drivers vs. a power amp.

    Good to hear Schiit is capable of good customer support - my experience was abysmal. It took over 30 days to get an RA#, and on the relatively rare occasions any one responded to me, the general sentiment was dismissive. While their SQ is great, they are otherwise feeling aptly named to me. (That name of theirs is cute until things go south...)
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  2. thebmc
    I plan to do exactly this when mine arrives. A friend has a magni 3 that we both love. We both have modi 2U, he's using some focal headphones and I just got a pair of he400i (screaming deal right now btw). We're both eager to compare back to back.
  3. joasjoas
    The Vali 2 can handle 600 ohm of the DT 990? I'm looking Magni 3, O2 and I'm not clarifying. My use is for PC music and games
  4. ljperez84
    Hi there, very interested in this. I just got my HD800 S yesterday and while I’m loving it I would like to warm up the sound and enhance the soundstage vs what I’m getting right now with my Valhalla 1. I’d ideally try to go with the MJ2 but money is a restriction for that right now.

    Please share your results!
  5. Hofy
    While I do not have the DT990 I do have a pair of Sennheiser HD540 600 ohm. The Vali2 can drive them but that is about it. These cans need more to really open up and sing.
  6. caenlenfromOCN
    Magni 3 for 600 ohm is a good combo if your on a tight budget. I had a DT 880 600 ohm and magni 3 recently. It sounded beautiful together.
  7. hardpike
    I got my Vali 2 a few days ago (After reading hundred of pages here). Stock tube is sylvania made in Taiwan. I have a couple of tubes to roll coming (EH-6922 and matsush**ta 7 volts), and also an adaptor to use a Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z (I will machine the top of the Vali to open space for the adaptor. Very excited times.
    My rig is a bit of a Frankenstein. Pono player=>Vali 2=>Stax adaptor SDR-X with SR-207 headphones. I have a couple of questions for wise people regarding what's the best set up for this:
    1. volume=> how should I set up the volume? Pono max, vali 2 controlling, SDR-X as low as possible? the SDR is for me the weakest point of the chain, so I am trying to keep it as low as possible.
    2. connection from vali2 to SDR-X=> Should I use the rear connections or the front one from the headphone jack? right now I am using the rear ones... would I get any improvement using the front jack to the RCAs of the SDR-X?

  8. Turdski
    Using the right 3.5 mm out on your Pono will give you a proper line out (left is headphone out). I realize this is an incomplete response, but I'm offtabed.
  9. hagenhays
    Anyone try a lisst in the vali 2?
    Was debating whether to get a magni 3 or just try "rolling" a solid state And see what it sounds like....
    Schiit says it works, but have not heard anyone giving their feedback on this.

    Wondering if anyone as tried this??
  10. volly
    For the money, you're just better off grabbing the Magni 3, how much is the lisst again? $50 for single lisst tube, the Magni 3 is $99....
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  11. swmtnbiker
    If money was the only consideration that would be good advice, but how does the Vali 2 SOUND with the LISST? That's the real question.
  12. RickB
    A member who hasn't posted in a while, @bigro, posted about using the LISST in the Vali 2 years ago. If your search-fu is better than mine, maybe try searching for a post about it by him or even send a PM.
  13. scotvl
    I'm thinking of picking up the vali 2 to primarily use with IEMs and I want to try it out as a preamp for my home system to try to mellow out my Polk Rta9s once in a while for 2 channel listening. I was wondering if anyone here has tried using the vali 2 as a preamp and what you thought about it. .
  14. Turdski
    @scotvl While it's certainly not going to blow you away as a preamp, it's surprisingly decent. My advice would be to turn on the Vali 2 first and wait a good... 20 seconds, I believe (it's been a while since I've had mine) prior to turning on your power amp, in order to avoid any DC popping or 'poof'ing through your amp and speakers. But yes, in a pinch, it's ohhkaay as a preamp.

    As a headphone amp is where the unit really shines though. I used mine with the insanely revealing Ocharaku Flat 4 Kaede II IEMs, and it worked very well.
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  15. Tuneslover
    Yeah that WHOOOMP sound is very very annoying. I keep a headphone adaptor plug plugged into the Vali 2 after every listening session. That way on my next listen I don't get shocked by that friggin' sound when I turn on the V2.
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