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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. r2muchstuff

    Less is more but, that is what I had on hand.
    No noise at all with the 325e and 6SN7s I have tried.
  2. JediMa70
    I've to amps, one of the two is a Vali 2, I want to boost the tubey  sound of the Vali to make it sound really different from the other one, 
    Reading this topic, I've seen many amazing tubes and combinations, considering that I'm not a technician , I want to be careful, what should I buy to get that  most tubey sound ?
  3. Jacobh

    How does it sound?

    As some other people have mentioned, my Vali 2 has a 60hz hum I can hear with more efficient headphones on high gain (so not a major issue in real world usage). With the 6SN7 tube it was noticeable on my less efficient headphones (on both gain settings) and unlistenable on my Grados.

    Hopefully it was just a bad tube (I'm waiting on my replacement). Maybe it's a slightly out of spec capacitor in the power supply or power filtering on the board letting hum through. The 6SN7 should have lower gain than the other tubes I have, so any hum from the power supply being amplified should not be quieter with that tube. If the replacement has the same problem, then I'm guessing the tubes are picking up the hum via the air. The 6SN7 is by far the largest tube so maybe that's why it's the loudest. The other tubes are quiet enough that it's hard to tell which is louder/softer, but the 5670 (shortest tubes) might be the quietest. When my new tube arrives I'll also try with some make shift shielding around it and see if that helps.
  4. Jacobh

    Tubes (and solid state) can all sound different so it's hard to know what you mean by "tubey" sound. If you say what other type of amp you have you it might help with recommendations.

    Everyone also hears differently and if you are expecting a tube to change the entire sound signature of the amp you might have too high expectations. At least for me, the differences are more subtle then people's writing would have you believe, but it's still fun trying new tubes out and seeing if I can hear a difference.

    Of the tubes I've tried I think I liked the GE 5670w the most, but I couldn't tell you why. It might just be that it glows the brightest, but I just like the way it sounds. It's about $5 for the tube and another $10-$15 for an appropriate adapter.
  5. JediMa70
     I've a Meier Corda Jazz, I understand what you mean bout "not changing the whole sound signature" and it's reasonable, let's say that I want to make it sounds more different in the "possible" range . At the moment I'm using a Electro Harmonix 6922 / E88CC Gold pin
  6. Cafofo
    Hi guys !
    Got mine this week. Really happy to use with my HD598 ( HD600/650 coming soon ... ) ! But my first bad impresion was about the tube. I have a really damn hum/noise in low/high gain. I can hear it easier when I use my SE215(of course....) with the stock tube. Fortunately I bought an Electro-Harmonix 6922 Gold and one JJ E88CC Gold. I didn't want to use any of them right now BUT both eliminates all noise/hum that I got with the stock Canadian tube ! That happened also with you guys ?
  7. JediMa70
    No I didn't have any noise both with stock tube or with Electro Harmonix 6922 / E88CC Gold pin :frowning2:
    Cafofo likes this.
  8. Jacobh
    I have a 60hz hum easily audible in high gain with most of the tubes I've tried on my Grados.  I can barely hear it if I really try on low gain, but it wouldn't impact listening.  With my 300ohm Sennheisers and a Fostex T50RP, I can barely hear it on high gain with a few tubes, but not at all on others.
    I had one tube that was really bad with any headphones, and I expect that was a bad tube.  Others have reported a slight hum as well, so I think the amp is somewhat sensitive to noisy power or the tubes themselves can just pick up EFI.  It's probably not noticeable in most cases, unless you have a bad tube or really sensitive headphones.  In your case, it sounds most likely just a bad tube.  
  9. Jacobh
    Out of curiosity, do your 6S7N -> 6922 adapter pins fit all the way into your socket saver?  The pins on mine are too long to fit completely into the socket saver I have, so there is a gap between the adpater and saver with the pins visible.  It's making a good connection, the pins are just longer than the sockets are deep.
  10. r2muchstuff

    They do not, approximately 1/8 inch exposed between the adapter and the socket savers.  I have at least 2 versions of savers and adapters and all are the same.  It has not created any problems or issues.
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  11. Jacobh
    Well my new 6SN7 came and it's a little quieter (probably usable in low gain with grados), but it still hums noticeably. I tried various make-shift shielding attempts so it's definitely coming from the amp.

    I'm not sure if it's my power (although it happens at my office at well), a bad cap, or just the design of the amp. None of my other audio equipment (including another hybrid amp) have a hum either. Schiit seemed to indicate some level tube hum is normal, but a lot of people have said theirs is dead quiet.

    Maybe next time I order something from Schiit I'll add an extra Vali wall wart, but the shipping by itself isn't worthwhile just to test out if it might make a difference.
  12. volly
    I wouldn't say my vali2 is dead quiet. As for my asgard2, that thing is dead quiet.

    The wall wart that comes with the vali 2 is actually quite good compared to other wall warts i have laying around.

    Perhaps, letting the tube settle in a bit might help.

  13. Jacobh
    There is some hiss if I turn the volume way up depending on the gain setting / headphone combination, but I'd never listen that loud.  This is a constant volume 60hz hum that is only impacted by the gain switch and not the volume pot.  Thanks for the tip, but it happens with all tubes I've tried including several with quite a few hours on them.  I don't doubt the wall wart is high quality, but there still could be some variation in the wart or power filtering capacitors in the amp itself.  It's not a significant issue for most of my listening, so I just have to get over knowing it's there and trying to stop it :)
  14. RiflemanFirst
    I can only hear the humming with IEMs with high gain. Totally goes away in low gain. I believe the manual says this exact thing may happen. Can't hear the high gain humming at all with my HD598s or HD650s.
  15. Jacobh
    Seems like it's just the nature of the amp then and either I'm more sensitive to it or mine is just one the louder side of the normal range.  Thanks for providing a data point!
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