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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. RiflemanFirst

    Interesting and thanks for speaking up. Schiit tech support (Nick) says they will be testing a few of their Vali 2s to see if they can reproduce my findings and will get back to me. I think this may be a quirk of the design, but I obviously can't confirm that with a sample size of just one. Otherwise, my Vali 2 is defective and may need a warranty return for repair or replacement. I'm very interested to hear back from Nick and see what he is able to find.
  2. HipHopScribe
    Just tested this and mine does the same thing
  3. RiflemanFirst
    Thanks for checking. Just out of curiosity, how long have you had your Vali 2? I bought mine less than a month ago. Also, I'm still waiting for Nick from Schiit to get back to me about what they find in their testing.    
  4. mks100
    Just tested with my Vali 2 and Kanto Yumi's.  I unplugged my Headphones and left the 1/4" Adapter in so as not to damage my Headphones.  I turned the Vali 2 up nearly all the way before I heard music coming from the Speakers.  The sound was barely audible.  That being said, the Vali 2 did leak through the Pre Amp outputs with the 1/4" Adapter inserted.
  5. RiflemanFirst
    Thanks for confirming with your setup as well. That makes 3 for 3 so far.
  6. HipHopScribe
    I bought mine second hand
  7. RiflemanFirst
    Got some answers from Nick. He told me that they were able to reproduce my findings and that "This is the reality of every audio component-there is always a little residual noise/crosstalk."
    I guess its just a quirk I'll have to live with then. I really have nothing else negative to say about the Vali 2 and it sounds great with all my current headphones & speakers.  
  8. r2muchstuff
    I have found this to be true, with pre amps, amps, receivers, mixer boards, in-put/out put switches or what have you.  Both vintage and newer.  
    One input active with a source, another input selected, volume max up = faint audio from the other input at the speakers/headphones.
    Some stuff is worse than others, but generally it is there.  On a lot of vintage, phono is "available" on all source selections :)
    I always found it to be way below the actual source in use volume and not an issue, however I prefer to turn off all unused sources, ie. tuner off when using phono etc.
    IMHO & experience,
  9. Jacobh
    The pre-amp turn off is probably done by a high value resistor that gets added to the pre-amp output when something is plugged into the headphone jack. Since the headphone out still has a non-zero resistance some current will still flow to the pre-amp out. If you have the volume up all the way and your speakers are efficient you can probably just hear something if you put your ear up to the speaker. That's not really an issue in general and probably way less expensive than fully disconnecting the pre-amp output somehow.
  10. hagenhays
    So my vali 2 is dead out the right channel. Ive tried my headphones out of other devices...check. I've also tried a different balanced tube...same lack of response.
    Anyone have any experience with their vali2 going dead out a channel?
    I sent out an email to schiit.
    It's 15 mos old..within warranty. I hope i can exchange it.

    Anyone have experience returning to schiit? I have 3 dacs and the vali2.
    This is my first issue with their gear.

  11. RiflemanFirst
    I returned my Fulla 2 within the 15 day trial to upgrade to my current Mimby & Vali 2 and it was a hassle free process. I got my refund and they waived the restocking fee since I upgraded to the Mimby. All I had to do was pay for the shipping back to them since it wasn't a defective product. I'm sure Schiit will take care of you since your Vali 2 is still in warranty. Schiit should get back to you on Monday if you just sent your email this evening. 
  12. hagenhays
    #2743 of 2743
    3 minutes ago
    Got a prompt email from Nick.
    He asked if I had checked my 1/8 to 1/4 adapter plug. Which I had done. But it got me thinking maybe I should try another plug...voila!! Suddenly I have sound out of the right channel again.
    All is well in the headphone world again.

    Thank you to schiit for responding so quickly and on a Sunday no less.
  13. Jacobh
    My 6SN7 adapter finally came. I'm getting a hum noticeable on both channels (slightly louder on the left). The hum is the same volume regardless of how i set the volume pot (including all the way down). It's not noticeable using low gain on my high impedance headphones, but is on both gain settings with lower impedance ones.

    Is this normal? It happens with nothing but power connected so maybe a 60hz hum. Would this be more likely an issue with the tube or the amplifier? I haven't noticed this with any other tube. I paid for the low noise and microphonics option so I guess I should contact the seller?
  14. r2muchstuff
    Listening with this currently:

  15. Jacobh
    Is that a 6F8G -> 6SN7 adapter on a 6SN7 -> 6922 adapter on a socket saver? I think you could get a 6F8G -> 6922 but I guess that wouldn't be as fun :)

    My 325s had too much hum with the 6SN7 I tried, but it sounded nice with HD580s.
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