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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. boostergold90
    Well, it's just the stock tube that it came with.
    Tried moving it from the surge protector (which I'd gotten a few weeks ago) to another outlet and voila, problem solved. Dead quiet on low or high gain on my Teaks. That was easy. 
    Edit: Haha, just kidding. Of course it was dead silent, the connectors on the Teaks had come unplugged. Still humming. Like I said, this is with the stock tube. 
  2. RickB
    The Vali uses a two-prong wall wart that isn't grounded, so I wouldn't think it would be a ground loop. Though I'm open to being corrected on that. 
  3. r2muchstuff
    Old timers will remember ..... before USA AC plugs were polarized, simply reversing the plugs orientation could remove hum/buzz etc. on an audio system.
    JMTC & memories,
  4. Jacobh

    Does it stop if you touch the pre-amp outputs?
  5. boostergold90
    Hmm. Nope, that doesn't stop it. Doesn't matter if I've got anything hooked up to any of the inputs/outputs on the back.
  6. HipHopScribe
    You might try replacing the tube
  7. boostergold90
    Any recommendations?
  8. HipHopScribe
    Depends on what you want to spend. I'm running an  electro harmonix 6922 right now. Good, inexpensive tube 
  9. boostergold90
    Cool. I'm definitely not looking to break the bank on anything, but as this is my first foray into...well, any of this...just looking for a good starting point.
  10. r2muchstuff

    Contact Schiit, they may provide you another tube :)
    However, you should buy a few.
  11. PaulieB
    Just ordered the Vali 2 yesterday to pair up with my HD650 and K550, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting.

    This will be my first amp so looking forward to hearing how it sounds.

    This is what I plan to do, is this OK?

    Laptop -> Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 -> 3.5 to RCA cable -> Vali 2 -> Headphones

    Anyone ever used the dragonfly with the Vali 2 and how does it sound?
  12. mks100
    I have this setup (DragonFly Red/Black).  I previously owned the 1.2 as well.  You will just need to set the Volume of the DragonFly to 100%.  IMO the Vali 2 is a significant upgrade from the DragonFly's internal Amplification and should make a noticeable difference with your HD650s.  The DragonFly is a great DAC and comparable to most of the DACs at the $100 - $200 Price Point.  I recently purchased a Mimby (Modi Multibit) and would recommend it is a future upgrade once you have gotten used to the Vali 2's signature and impact on your system.  There is no urgency to upgrade your DAC however.
  13. PaulieB

    Thanks that's reassuring to hear! I was thinking I will eventually upgrade the dragonfly to possibly the Modi2 uber, would that be a better DAC than that dragonfly?
  14. mks100
    I have owned the Modi 2 previously and have tried the Fulla 2.  They were both comparable to the DragonFly in terms of resolution.  Perhaps a bit warmer with the AKM in the Modi 2/Fulla 2 vs the ESS Sabre in the DragonFly.  I would save for the Mimby as it is a noticeable upgrade over the Modi 2/Fulla 2/DragonFly and less of a lateral move.  Regardless, I think the Vali 2 and any of these DACs will be a great baseline system for your Headphones.  Improvements past this point will be considerably more expensive and incremental.  Again, just an opinion.
  15. boostergold90
    Got my EH 6922 tube, just popped it in and...silence. Ah, much better. Look forward to getting some hours on it this afternoon.
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