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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. winders

    It's only as bright as the tube you use in it. I wasn't a fan of the stock tube. I wouldn't call it bright. I thought it was a little harsh. You want warmth? Use a 6922 or 7308 tube made in the Heerlen factory. I preferred the sound of the German tubes which I think are more accurate and precise. My favorite are the Siemens CCa gray shield tubes from the very early 60's. I used Sennheiser HD 650 cans and did not think the Vali 2 was bright.
  2. Jacobh
    It's all relative I guess. In this thread (http://www.head-fi.org/t/838448/want-to-try-a-tube-amp-schiit-fulla-2-vali-2/15#post_13311134) the poster says it's less bright stock than the Fulla 2.

    I can only say for me the Vali with stock tubes was brighter than the X-Cans with Sovtek 6922s and similar to my solid state amp. It's definitely not overly bright, but i also wouldn't call it warm stock. I still prefer it to my solid state (on aesthetics alone) and have high hopes for the 6sn7 giving me the sound I like.

    I have a JAN Phillips 6922 that I pulled from my X-cans so I'll give that a go when I get a chance as well.

    This is with a HD580 and 650.
  3. r2muchstuff
    Basically neutral.  The fun is flavoring with tubes :)
    6SN7 tubes can add warmth, but they are also open and clear.
  4. r2muchstuff
    I look for tubes to add sparkle ("bright") to the HD 650 and tubes to tone down the "bright" of the T90 et.al.
    I have never thought of HD 650 as bright  8^)
  5. serman005
    Thanks for the feedback, guys--I really appreciate it. Looks like I'll be buying some tubes...
  6. RickB
    Compared to pure solid state, it is not bright. This is with either the stock tube, or any other tube I've tried (3 or 4 different ones at this point). 
    It is not syrupy tube warm, however. 
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  7. MPH91
    I'm currently considering to buy the Vali 2 or the Little Dot Mk II but I can't really find any proper comparisons. Could anybody explain to me what differences there could be in their sound signature? Thanks!
  8. Jacobh

    With all the normal caveats of sound being personal.

    I have not heard any of the little dots, but have read a lot trying to answer a similar question. From what I understand the MKII should sound more like what you think about as a stereotypical "tube" sound. Generally that means the treble will be rolled off and the mids will be a little pronounced and "syrupy". This does not mean less detailed necessarily, I think it's more about decay.

    The Vali should be more neutral with a little hint of the stereotypical tube sound.

    More objectively there are other things to consider. Both offer pre-amp capabilities and variable gain. The Little Dots seem more susceptible noise and ground loops. The Vali has a big wall wart where the Little Dot has a standard power cord (like for a computer). Rolling tubes in the Vali only requires one tube (so it's cheaper and you don't have to worry about matches tubes), but it probably has slightly less of an impact on the sound. They are different sizes and look very different. While I've heard good things about Little Dot service if you buy from their authorized representative, dealing with warranty service in the US will be easier with Schiit and they have a 15 day return window (with restocking fee).

    I should also add the Vali will work better with low impedance headphones and can put out a lot more power for low impedance but inefficient headphones like planars.
  9. Tuneslover

    Vali2 (& Modi MB) sounds very good with HE500. Plenty of juice to drive them on low gain too.
  10. Jacobh
    So my 6SN7 to ECC88 adapter came in and either the adapter or the tube is bad, but I'm not sure how to tell since I only have one of each. Any suggestions?

    The tube lights up, but I only get sound out of one channel and a buzzing (that changes if I touch the base of the tube/adapter) in the other channel. It also looks like the adapter could fit into the Vali in two orientations (since there are two gaps).

    On the positive side the 6N3 adapters seem to work and I'm enjoying a GE 5670w more than the stock tube so far.

    This is what the bottom of the adapter looks like: IMG_5264.jpg
  11. HipHopScribe
    I'm a tube novice, but it seems odd that the adapter only has 8 pins instead of 9 
    Jacobh likes this.
  12. Jacobh
    Looking at the pin outs, I can't see how this can possibly work.  The ebay listing I purchased it from has 9 pins in the picture, so unfortunately it looks like I got a dud.  Hopefully the seller will just send a new one and I'm only out a few weeks waiting.  At least the 6N3 adapters seem fine.
  13. boostergold90
    So, I'm not sure if it's only recently come up or it's because my Teaks are easier to drive than my HD650's, but I definitely have a rather distracting hum from my Vali whether in low or high gain mode. It is much less noticeable on my 650's, which may well be why I haven't noticed it until the last couple weeks when I really started listening with my Teaks. I looked back in this thread and found a few comments about it but wasn't sure if there were any causes or fixes identified. 
  14. r2muchstuff
    Ground loop?
  15. rnros

    +1 on the r2.
    Especially with the HD650 at 300 Ohm, that will hide a lot of tube hum.
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