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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. HOWIE13
    To have a warm sound firstly there has to be warmth in the recording. Otherwise any warmth imparted will sound artificial.
    Secondly, the rest of your kit needs to be able to impart the original warmth, especially your headphones. If your headphones are not capable of producing a warm sound you won't hear one.
    The belief that modern tube amps produce a warm and cuddly sound like grandpa's 1950's radio is a myth.
    Finally, as a group, 9 pin Noval tubes like ECC88/6DJ8 tubes that we regularly use in Vali2, are not particularly warm and euphonic, Many were never intended for audio equipment, rather for scientific and military use. They can sound very good, but not often with a warm glow.
    For that warmer, embracing euphony for me Octals are required, such as 6SN7 tubes. They need an adapter and a socket saver to use with vali2 and there's quite a lot of discussion in the threads about them and how they sound.  
    Of course we all hear music differently and this is just my personal experience.
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  2. r2muchstuff
    Yes on the 6SN7 tubes, thinking a move from Noval to Octals would be cool for some of Schiit's headphone amps.
  3. HOWIE13
    Another tube which exudes that lovely warm glow is the RCA 6F8G.  You can even go for dual tubes, like 'Frankenvali' set-ups. These both need their own special adapters.
    I'm almost sure I and others posted pictures of these way back on one of the Vali2 threads, where they are discussed.
    Vali2 responds really well to tube rolling but always remember the maximum tube heater current Vali can tolerate is 0.6A
  4. r2muchstuff
    I went to adapters and 6SN7 on the Vali 2 and Lyr, never went so far as to consider the "Franken" adapters though.  Maybe just too over the top for me.
    The Lyr 6SN7 setup is proving to be very satisfying.
  5. HOWIE13
    Yes for Vali2 I think you get great sound from 6F8G tubes, which only require a 6F8G to an ECC88 adapter going into an ECC88 socket saver. Here's the adapter;
    I've no idea where I posted an earlier picture so here's another. Listening just now- beautifully warm, incandescent sounding.
    Almost as good as Grandpa's old radio!
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  6. Indigo Bob

    Now you got me curious!
    See, that's the reaction to that warm tubey sound!!
    I am going to put this on my wishlist now, thank you.
  7. HOWIE13
    If you have time to trawl through the Vali2 threads you will find some discussion-maybe about 9 months ago, at a rough guess-not sure which Vali2 thread though.
    I've only heard the RCA.  There's some reasonably priced ones (like around £40, including postage) on the German eBay website at present, plenty on the US site too.
    Good luck!
  8. JediMa70
    I've read that few here are using Schiit Vali 2 with HD600, is it enough to play them at best? 
  9. teb1013

    As far as I'm concerned absolutely. The HD 600 doesn't need a super powerful amp and the Vali2 is a considerable improvement over the onboard amp on the Aune T1 which did a good job with them (still use the Aune as a DAC).
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  10. Faber65

    It works with the HD650, I don't see problems with the 600.
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  11. HOWIE13
    Perfect for me with HD600.
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  12. JediMa70
    Thanks alot :)
  13. Jacobh
    I've been listening a lot more with my Vali 2 and doing some A/Bing with a MF X-Cans V2.  Overall the amps sound very similar (both provide plenty of power for Senn HD580 and HD650), but Vali 2 is definitely a bit brighter with the stock tubes.  I have a 6SN7 tube and adapter on the way, so I'm interested to see if that tames the treble just a little bit (which would be perfect).  
    I'm probably don't need two amps that sound this similar, so I'll have to figure out which one to sell and maybe look at an OTL (Valhalla, Bottlehead, or Little Dot).  I do like Schiit's products overall, but I'm thinking the Bottlehead or Little Dot will be more different than the Vali/X-Can and SS amps I have.
  14. serman005
    I am looking at a possible Vali 2 acquisition. Based on the previous post, I am wondering if other people would characterize their Vali 2 as bright. It could potentially influence my decision. Many thanks for the feedback.
  15. Jacobh
    I would probably call it neutral with the stock tube (that I have). Plenty of people suggest rolling tubes can add warmth. I went for a 6sn7 for that reason, but I'm still waiting on the adapter to try it out.
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