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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. bigro

    I do not believe the Preamp output on the Magni 2 U is just a Pass thru.The output is affected by the Gain Switch.
    Why Not Set the Volume level on the Speakers and use the Magni 2 U volume control for everything?  I used Powered Monitors for some time I set the Volume level on the speakers and just used Magni 2U for volume control on everything. That way you never have to touch the speaker volume control once set. The Volume on the magni will bu used every time you use cans, then you have to reset it to use the speakers.
  2. bixby
    We know what foobar say says about ASIO!  I do not know since I have never got ASIO to play nice on my rig.  I do use Event mode WASAPI and it works well and sounds great with Foobar.
    As for volume, my research has led to the notion that anything less than 100"% on the player will result in reduced bits.......aka you are throwing away some dynamics.  
    It is very similar in the Mac space, reducing volume with the itunes slider reduces bit depth.  Now how much of this is audible is certainly up for caustic thread wars, but it is commonly held as true.
    So for me, run the player at 100% to preserve bit depth and control volume on the analog side with the amp volume control.  Not too difficult is it?
  3. Vargr
    First of all, I am very sorry for the lack of knowledge in the post, just trying to make sure I understand everything.
    I will be using the stack with an Iphone (for now) and here is how I understand everything will work.
    Here is what I know I will need:
    Magni 2
    Modi 2
    Lighting to usb connector
    usb a-b cable
    powered usb hub
    Will I need a 1/8" to dual RCA cable? Anything else I haven't mentioned?
    And finally how will all of this hook up (From phone to headphones)?
    Once again sorry for the lack of knowledge, just looking to get some better sound while writing. Thanks in advance. 
  4. Koolpep

    You won't need 1/8" to dual cable but a standard RCA cable (2 connectors on each side) to connect the Modi to the Magni. Schiit sells them (PYST) but you can get them form anywhere.
    iPhone - lightning to USB - USB to micro USB into powered hub - USB from Modi into powered hub - RCA Modi to Magni - Headphones plugged into Magni.
  5. Meremoth
    I've decided to purchase the Magni 2 U and Modi 2 U for my incoming TH-X00's.  
    Where's the best place to purchase them from?  Should I just buy them straight from the schiit.com website?  (I live in the US) 
  6. bikerboy94

    I would do Schiit site. They don't do discounts. You can get at amazon but the free shipping is built into the price about $20 more,
  7. crossfire
    new schiit stack owner here. i wonder is it safe to leave the modi on 24/7?
  8. bikerboy94
    Probably but no point unless using it 24/7.
  9. bixby
    of course, I have powered solid state dacs and amps that have been on for months.
    cmateski likes this.
  10. Deftone
    yes its safe, i remember jason saying something like that you should leave the dacs on all the time to "keep it warmed up" (not exact words)
    my asus motherboard by defualt continues to supply usb power even when the pc is switched off my modi 2 light is on, i have the non uber modi 2 usb powered but im sure the same can be said for wall warts.
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  11. bigro
    Yes, You Can leave the DAC on all the time. It is recommended as the sound quality usually reaches their peak when the DAC has been on for a few hours. Their have been Multiple Posts about various DACS regarding the subject. Throughout the various Schiit threads.
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  12. mysticstryk
    My OCD about leaving electronics on is flipping out. (I always make sure everything is shut down in my house when not in use)
  13. Letmebefrank
    I can't say I notice any difference in sound from the Modi 2 Uber after it has been on for several hours. Maybe my ad900x / hd598 aren't analytical enough..?
  14. Psalmanazar
    I find it gets better after an hour or two of listening. I get entranced. I'm not going to claim the DAC actually gets better as the Magni on top of it might be warming it up or I might just be getting in the zone. The Ubers are the first cheap DAC/headphone amp combo that will make me pull all nighters rocking out the more I listen to it. Only studio gear and good speakers had this effect on me before.
  15. Deftone
    im glad i dont have that, i always leave a lot of stuff on 24/7.
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