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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. mohdkhamsya

    I use the modi 2 uber with the magni 2 uber for the desktop setup. But just for kicks, I tested the preamp versus line out to speakers using the dx90.
  2. Nitemare3219
    I got my Uber stack this past week. Comparing it directly to my Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card, I am noticing no real difference. I thought I would considering the impedance mismatch with my cans and noisy environment of the card being in my computer. My headphones are AKG K812 which sound phenomenal with either DAC/amp. I am only listening to Google Play music .mp3's through their website though, and playing PC games. K812's sound pretty good on my Note 5 as well, just less volume.
  3. ChesterYonany
    people compared the STX to MODI\ODAC and ,as you, found no difference.
    guess its a good soundcard :)
  4. bikerboy94
    Try a different source. Google Play mp3 streaming is ok for casual listening. Try some Flac files or a CD. You should notice a difference.
  5. reihead
    I'm using the Fiio X5 as a DAC, thinking of getting a proper desktop DAC that would be an upgrade.
    Anyone using or used the X5 as a DAC and compare it to other mid-level DACs like the modi / modi 2.
  6. Nitemare3219
    Well Google Play .mp3's (320 kbps) are all I listen to. I'm not going to look for a difference somewhere that I will never notice it otherwise. Wouldn't something like Battlefield show a difference considering the audio files for that are pretty substantial? I tried doing direct comparisons of the same sounds, and they sounded the exact same.
    What kind of differences am I looking for exactly? The only thing I might be able to notice is the Schiit stack sometimes seems to be a hair brighter in certain treble frequencies... but I'd never notice it if I weren't trying to, and that might just all be in my head.
  7. StanD
    Is your Magni gain switch set to low gain?
  8. bikerboy94

    For example the difference between say the Fiio X3 with a E12 amp is jaw dropping. Much better detail soundstage instrument  separation clarity. The Fiio combo sounds very good but the Schiit stack takes it to a whole different level.
    Also keep in mind that this all subjective. The Schiit might not work for you. My point in trying a different source is to see if you notice a difference if so then its your source
  9. reihead
    This with all the headphones you own? 
    Please share more details on your experience with the HD600.
    Looking to get some stack but have doubts, Little Dot MkII is making my decision difficult.
  10. bikerboy94

    The HD600 with the M/M Uber stack is outstanding. I would say a end game in open headphones for me. I just got the Audeze EL-8 closed as a companion for my HD600 and I may even like them better. Something I thought I would never say. I haven't heard Little Dot so I can't say anything about the difference. Again all subjective but I feel the M/M Uber is hard to beat for the $. I have little or no interest in upgrading them.
  11. reihead
    ^^ Thanks
    Interesting your findings with the Audeze
  12. Pott
    Yes it is. And Modi set to normal (non-advanced) mode.
  13. StanD
    Sorry to hear but it looks like something may have gone wrong. Since the Modi and Magni do not ground to the AC mains due to their 2 prong wall warts, it is unlikely that you have a ground loop.
  14. Pott
    Yep... that's not even the worst thing: at regular intervals, the right speaker will make some noises too. Not tied in to specific PC activities. It just starts adding a layer of noise to whatever playing. Very hard to describe.
    I ordered a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and some TRS cables to have a balanced system, which should hopefully take care of the interference... We'll see! Can always recycle the Modi/Magni without issues so while it sucks I'm not getting a clean signal, it's not the end of the world.
    If I manage to get off my butt this afternoon I may re-do all my wiring on my current setup too, who knows...
  15. David Aldrich

    Try using a cheater plug on your speakers.
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