*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

  1. xLoud
    My Magni 2's power button has broken. Can anyone help me to get a new power switch? Or at lease switch specification or anything.
  2. Left Channel
    If you can read the markings on the switch, you may be able to match it here: https://www.digikey.com/products/en/switches/toggle-switches/... I doubt the Schiit folks will help you DIY this, given the whole lawyer-required "Do Not Open" / "No User Servicable Parts Inside" thing, but it couldn't hurt to ask: http://www.schiit.com/contact/help-support They've recently upgraded their support ticket system — basically they didn't have one until now — and should get back to you quickly.
  3. tomasko
    Hey guys,
    just got my modi 2 multibit... I'm really happy with the performance but the AC adapter is constantly buzzing, exactly like in this video:
    It has no effect on performance as far as I can tell.

    1) do you think the adapter is faulty and I should RMA it? (honestly, I'm in Europe so that would be a lengthy process and I'd like to avoid it if possible)

    2) I have a Mani too and it seems to be using the same AC adapter. The one from Mani does not buzz. Can I use it with modi?
  4. Left Channel
    @tomasko yes that should not be happening and will at minimum be annoying, maybe worse. You should return it. But you were going to upgrade to a "Cthulu" floor wart anyway, right? :)
  5. Letmebefrank
    Cthulhu is amazing. Great for even just a 2-stack of schiit.
  6. Danger
    I'm currently running usb from my laptop to my Fiio X3ii in DAC only mode and then on to a Magni 3 via an Audioquest Evergreen cable ending in either my Hifiman HE4xx (with ZMF Ori Lambskin pads) or my Fidelio X2. My question is would getting the Modi 2 Uber give me a significant sound quality boost over the Fiio X3ii as the DAC? The Fiio uses the Cirrus Logic CS4398 chip. Any help here would be appreciated. Really don't want to spend another $150 if the improvement will be negligible. Thanks.
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  7. sngecko
    I’ve got a iPhone -> CCK (Lightning & USB) -> Modi2U -> Vali2 -> Fostex TH-X00 setup. I’ve noticed that sometimes some digital noise (zzip, zipp, zp) creeps in for 1-10 seconds, then goes away. This doesn’t seem to happen when I’m feeding the Modi from Toslink from my computer.
    DAE experience this?

    I did isolate all PWM power supplies, including the iPhone’s power to the CCK. They were not the problem. Sounds like RF from a cell phone antennae.
  8. Dana Reed
    I did notice clicks like this on some devices. They went away when a put a Wyrd in between the device and the DAC. I’d imagine any powered hub would do.

    I would also hear noises when wifi was on when I’d use my Oppo HA-2 with an iPhone. Those sounds went away when I used it with my iPod classic
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  9. sngecko
    That makes a lot of sense... Thanks. I hadn't thought about the Wi-Fi just yet. Maybe I'll try putting the phone in Airplane Mode and see what I get. Otherwise, my Schiit stack is going to 4 levels, including the Loki! :darthsmile:
  10. sngecko
    Just following up: That was it, Dana! I just put the phone in Airplane Mode and the clicks and buzzing went away! Rookie mistake, I guess.
  11. ljoshl91
    Really need some help.

    Brought modi 2, worked well, sent back to upgrade as wanted optical option for future.

    Got modi 2 Uber. It won’t connect to my windows laptop. Won’t be recognised. Says error message of malfunctioned on connecting to laptop.

    Browsed the internet for hours on end and no luck so far. Please help. SOS.

    Any thing I can do setting wise / windows 10 update wise / options for ports and how the power works to allow it to be picked up?
  12. Dana Reed
    Did you install the drivers from the schiit site? Modi doesn’t need drivers but uber and multibit do
  13. ljoshl91
    The issue was that I was unable to install the drivers because the device was not recognised. The drivers require the device to be found for the drivers to be installed!
  14. volly
    Which connection from Modi are you using? usb or optical?
  15. ljoshl91
    USB. Optical is plug and play so no concerns there.

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