*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

  1. jnak00
    I believe you wouldn't get hit with full tax on the new unit if it's a return/replacement. You already paid the tax once, you shouldn't have to again. Slightly different circumstances but they shipped me a new Mimby because my first one was DOA, and I didn't have to pay anything on the replacement.
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  2. alpovs
    That depends very much on how the paperwork is done as the customs can't read your mind. Does Schiit do extra work while preparing customs documents? I don't know. And if we go into details this is not a direct replacement, so the customs can just ignore the paperwork and charge taxes. And when they do it they charge a $10 processing fee which I don't think is refundable.
  3. jnak00
    Yes, that's very true. On mine Schiit had marked the paperwork as repair/replacement. As with everything here, YMMV.
  4. farocean97
    My Modi 2 Uber feels pretty warm after being on for just one hour. Is this normal?
    I just purchased Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2 Uber to pair with my HD650. I put them side by side, and after listening to music for a while, I noticed that both unit becomes pretty warm. I think it is normal for the Amp, but not sure about the DAC. Modi feels as warm as or even warmer then Magni, particularly on the left side. Is this expected for Kodi?
  5. Jimster480
    Yes it's fine, most audio equipment gets warm after a while. Especially when active.
  6. Left Channel
    Yup, that's normal. This is hot Schiit.
  7. sainteb
    Thanks guys.

    I've got a USB type-C/Thunderbolt 3 port, a 2.0 C to B USB cable should work just fine with the Modi 2 right?
  8. sennsay
    Sainteb, if you would like to get the best out of your DAC and sound files, it's a good idea to investigate the better USB cables too. I use a Kimber USB cable which is well regarded, not expensive - it was $90 in New Zealand when I bought it - and it is way better than any of the stock ones! Also highly regarded is the Chord Silver USB cable, rated just a tad better than the Kimber at a similar price. Just running a 3.5mm to RCA cable from your laptop/desktop to Magni 3 will only improve upon the basically noisy and appalling output opamp of the computer, but you're still going through yukky cheap electronics. A good USB cable to your new Modi 2 will improve things remarkably. You've probably gathered this by now :) The sound of the better cables is smoothness WITH more detail, better instrument separation and much more. Worth the small cost.
    Whatever you do, I wish you a great time and many happy musical hours!
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  9. sennsay
    I forgot to add that you can run that USB cable via an Audioquest Jitterbug too (or the Schiit Decrapifier) for even quieter file transfer.
  10. MementoMori99
  11. DavidA
    A counter point to high priced USB cables, for me a USB cable either works or doesn't work and the 2 high priced ones that I tried didn't make any difference in sound with a simple blind testing of just switching cables between the source and DAC, its all I needed to prove to my self that USB cables like HDMI cables either work or don't. I also try to avoid USB cables or drivers so I usually use optical or digital coax between source and DACs.
  12. sennsay
    Fair enough :) It's definitely not my experience! The more transparent your gear, the more you are likely to hear any improvements ... or not, as the case may be. I'll be the first one to say, "Each to their own". Hifi News magazine has done extensive listening AND technical tests on various USB cables and it's worth checking out the results. I won't go any further here, as a deep discussion is not on my radar, I'd rather listen to music :) .... which I have been, new Focus pads today for my HifiMAN HE-400S cans, in two words, Essential and Fabulous! And they're much more comfortable than the stock pads. Now I can hear even more of the goodness of that great little Magni 3!
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  13. Jimster480
    No sorry, USB cables do not do ANYTHING AT All for sound quality.
    This is a myth.
    Your DAC could have pops and clicks if you have a really terrible cable and a super high interference area. But the quality of the music would be unchanged regardless.
    Please do not direct someone (especially someone new to this hobby) down the wrong path instantly.
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  14. sennsay
    Sorry, dude, I know what I hear and if you don't hear anything at all, that's for you to decide. My own experience and opinion stays. I'd rather just talk about the Magni 3 which is what this thread is all about. Advice is purely from opinion and individual experience and can be accepted or rejected.
  15. kman1211
    Honestly not everyone will agree with you on that USB cables making a difference in sound quality is a myth. There are some very knowledgeable, experienced, and educated people who fall under both camps on this debate, but it's really a discussion for the sound science forums. Honestly I would refrain from making proclamations that it's a myth, the wrong path, and false, etc. I think the best advice is people should approach cables with some caution but not necessarily dismiss them, especially those new to the hobby. There being such a strong debate about this indicates at least some level of uncertainty.
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