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Official Samsung galaxy note 8 thread sound quality is great :)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by live1, Oct 2, 2017.
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  1. live1
    So I've been using my note 4 since it was released in the UK as we didn't get the note 5 or note 7.the sound on the note 4 is really decent.before I was using note 4 i was using Nokia 808 and that is next level amazing before that Nokia n91 and n97 mini again next level.anyway I got the s8 plus when it released and the sq was pretty poor,so i got rid of that pink screen tinted trash ,now the note 8 i got on release sound pretty much identical to my note 4.So I'm happy for now.im surprised that this thread is the only note 8 thread on this forum.anyway just wanted you guys to know that the UK note 8. is really good and has a ton of power aswell
    So if your still using your note 4 because you like the sq and hatred the s8 plus sq .now you can upgrade to note 8 and will not have a downgrade in sq.they sound 99 percent the same I've done plenty of tests
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
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  2. live1
    Wow I'm flabbergasted I'm the only note 8 owner on this forum wow .just wow you guys need to wake up and listen to the note 8 with some decent hp
  3. NaiveSound
    I am also a note 8 user. Sound quality is trash garbage compared to mojo or even a dx90.
  4. live1
    Lol I bet u got the crapdragon version
  5. NaiveSound
    Dual Sim international version, wouldn't matter on the chip anyway bud. Your alone in the world.
  6. live1
  7. bidn
    Don't worry, live1, plenty are buying the Note 8, but may not post about it yet. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a few days ago, it arrived the next day, but I have'nt used it much yet as I am still waiting for a flip case to take it with me.

    I had the Galaxy Note 3, then the Galaxy Note 7 which I had to have back, then a Huawei Honor Note 8 which has a poor amp, so I have been using a Mojo with the Huawei Honor Note 8, and still am until the cover for my Galaxy Note 8 arrives.

    I did test the OCR of the Note 8, the quality of the handwriting recognition increased again, and even a lot, I can write in a much more , dirty, sloppy way = really fantastic!
  8. psikey
    I don't worry about built-in phone sound quality these days. Just use with a Dragonfly Red with most and all sound great. Was seriously considering the Note 8 but still think they are a bit too large. I'm hovering over pre-ordering the LG V30 now as looks great, big screen plus supposedly great audio too.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  9. JayceOoi
    Glad to know that Exynos version sounds better. :)
  10. Broquen
    And what about hi-res audio from internat DAC using PowerAmp Alpha?

    Don't know for sure regarding Note 8, but I'm using Exynos S6 (Nougat) and my wife Exynos S7 (same android version) and it works like a charm (24-bit / 192Khz)
    I am seriously hesitating between Note 8 and V30, but I never had the chance to compare Samsung Exynos internal DAC with V30 nor any external DAC.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  11. newtophones07
    :lol:. Albeit true. Samsung will never improve the sound output on their devices, the market simply does not demand it.
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  12. xXSjnHassanXx
    At first I hated how Note 8 sounds until I did properly Adapt Sound. Twice. Before Adapt Sound it really sound like a trash.

    Previously I owned Note 3 and I did not remember having Adapt Sound superb as what I have now with note 8.

    With my Sony XBA H3, So far I am really happy with how my Note 8 sounded now.
  13. Broquen

    Like said before, I own a Galaxy S6, but there're people using the same poweramp version on a Note 8 and using internal Snapdragon/Exynos DAC too (it works on S7, Note 5...).

    Regarding S6 (stock 7.0 firmware), seriously, there's no comparison between stock software conversion (configuring Adapt Sound**) and Hi-Res 24-bit 192khz hardware conversion.

    **I see no difference at high volumes when using Adapt Sound.

    EDIT: The sound is not good using 24bit flac files. The volume is lower and sound quality is broken (tried using several fonts 24-96 & 24-192). I'm using 16bit [​IMG]files (that sound amazing), so I think that there's some work to do yet.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  14. Whitigir
    I am using Snapdragon note 8. It has sound performances that is more acceptable to people who love hefty low end with so so details and trebles that doesn’t kill the ears. It is more acceptable devices for streaming YouTube and other modern streaming services. The sound is horribly warmth and colored in bass and boom. There is no way to even stream an acceptable and accurate tonal body of an instrument at all. That is using the AKG tuned earsbud. The AKG earsbud is actually pretty good, and sound great connecting to an iPad Pro which has a much better sound performances in comparison. I am not surprised though, Samsung has always sounded the same since Note 4 to me, and that is regardless of Exynos or Snapdragon. Just when I thought Note 8 with Astiq would sound a bit more improved...it actually does not. If you want something Astiq, HTC 10 is your choice. If you want mid-tier DAP performances, go with V10....not sure of V20.

    I do love the apps and the pen on the Note 8 to edit photo and so on. Everything that is not music performances related, the Note 8 is excellent, but if sound performances is your cup of tea....I recommend staying away from it
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  15. Broquen
    It's a curious thing, because I find the sound on S6 with Exynos (via Poweramp alpha) to be very decent
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