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Official Pittsburgh 2017 Meet - July 22nd - Music to My Ear

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  1. buke9
    Well looks like the gear is piling up so I might as well bring more ; ) . Adding the following
    HE-400 modded
    Meze 99 Classics
    AKG K240 Sextetts
    HIFiMan EF-2A
    Boy is the trunk going to be full.
    I think this is going to be a very good meet can't wait .
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  2. Netherwind
    As promised, picture of all gear being brought (Sans monitor) [​IMG]
  3. Luke Pighetti
    Vibro Labs TBD earphone (not yet announced anywhere else) will be with @Netherwind . It's 95% complete, but is technically a prototype. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback on performance and ergonomics.

    Please post pics for the less fortunate who cannot be there in person! Cheers
  4. BunnyNamedCraig
    Am I the only one who can't see this pic? :frowning2:
  5. BunnyNamedCraig
    This is super legit, and so pumped to try it.... I am going to take a ton of pics tomrorow to show all the fun. Look forward to seeing you all! And thank you @Luke Pighetti for sending the earphones!!
  6. buke9
    Just got to the room and cracked open a cold one. Traffic was horrible in Louisville and Cincy.
  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    Well I am glad you made it here safe! Most important thing. Second most important thing is that beer is cold.... welcome to Pittsburgh, and looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! :)
  8. Netherwind
    Right, I just got home, so either tonight or tomorrow morning I'll post up an impressions thread.
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  9. Eudis
    Got listen to some great stuff.

    Thanks for the feedback on the Aphelion D and P everyone!
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  10. SomeGuyDude
    I at first thought there was a serious cable issue, but it was just my phone. Once I listened again without that weak spot... wow. Like, seriously wow. I loved it. Though I will admit that super thin cable makes me feel like I'm gonna break it. :beyersmile:
  11. Luke Pighetti
    Those @Linum cables are awesome, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the new earphones. That's the whole point, after all... isn't it? :)
  12. Netherwind
  13. SomeGuyDude
    I will say the ergonomics of it might be the best of any IEM I've tried so far. The Pinnacle P1 had the title previously, but these top it. I feel like the jack is... a tad smaller than most? I noticed that it's the only one giving me issues with my phone and it fits in kinda loosely compared to my others, which caused the problems (not sure which end the problem is on though). The sound was great, I just wish I'd had a chance to spend more time with 'em.
  14. buke9
    Well just have to say it was nice meeting you all and had a really good time. The venue was nice but not ideal for settling up lots of gear but it happened so all good. Want to thank @Netherwind and @MTMECraig for putting this together good job guys.
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  15. BunnyNamedCraig
    Yeah folding table for the win.... it's all it takes to make the meet!
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