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Official New York Spring Meet Sat May 2nd 2015

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  1. MJS242
    How does the music situation typically work? This is my first meet.  Do most people just bring an SD card with songs they want to listen and people are cool with that or do people sharing gear prefer people mainly listen to what they have pre-loaded? I have no problem with people using an SD card in my setup.  I can also have certain songs/albums on the computer if there are any requests. 
    I won't be bringing the crack or T1 but will have the emotiva stealth DC-1, zana deux SE, la figaro 339 and the HD800 and HD650.
  2. thegunner100
    It depends on the what transport is being used. I'm bringing my surface pro, which only has one USB output for my dac. It uses a microSD card though, which people can use their own music for. I have my own music too, but I don't know if it'll be up to everyone's tastes. Bringing a USB stick usually works for vendors/setups that have multiple usb ports. Or some people like to bring cd transports, in which you'll need to use CDs. 
  3. sujitsky
    I'll be bringing my EL-8 (open) :)
  4. AOmega X
    Count me in!
    + Herueyes
    Gear List:
    Phones: Audeze LCD 2, AKG 812, Beyerdynamic DT880 (600ohm)
    Amps: Decaware Zen Taboo MKIII, OPPO HA-1, Fostex HP-A8C
    Source: PC, Pioneer Elite DV38A, TEAC CD-2000
  5. olegausany
    Are your T1 terminated with factory 1/4" or maybe with 4th pin XLR? If the later I would be very appreciative if you bring them
  6. MJS242
    Sorry, they've since found a new home (they were stock/unmodified)
  7. olegausany
    OK, thanks
  8. ESL-1

    The fun is guaranteed, hope you are able to make it. :wink:
  9. RHA Team
    In the airport, waiting for my flight to JFK.
    Excited for the weekend and meeting some new faces from the East Coast!
    RHA Stay updated on RHA at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/rhaaudio https://twitter.com/rha https://www.rha-audio.com/uk/?utm_source=Head%20Fi&utm_campaign=Website_Hyperlink&utm_medium=link
    m8o and Frank I like this.
  10. Blu99Zoomer
    I will be coming, too.  This will be my first meet.  I am new to head-fi. Looks to be a lot of knowledgeable folks with really, cool gear coming.  Thanks for doing this!!
    Best Regards,
  11. kazsud
    Are you bring your First Watt?
  12. olegausany
    Will be there too. Bringing moded HD800 with 4 aftermarket cables with 4 pin mini XLR on headphones side. I have black Oppo HA-1 for sale so PM me if interested
  13. bozebuttons
     I have been a little lax in posting the gear list as I have been really busy at work so just post what you are bringing in the thread.
    Look over the posts to see what members are bringing.
      3 days to go.
  14. cat6man
    any GeekOut V2 beta testers amongst us who might be able to bring a V2 ?
    i'm bring my V1 and it would nice to compare them.
  15. m8o
    Fyi, I did it. As long as I don't crash my car on the track @ Lime Rock tomorrow and unable to attend :p, I will be bringing the McIntosh MHA100 I just bought today.

    I 'may' have a whole bunch of other equipment too in a 19" rack. But does any of that matter? I may just bring the Mc and a transport to be named later (after I test synergy with the ones I have)
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