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Official New York Spring Meet Sat June 10 2017

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  1. jpelg
    Yeah, I had to sort out some upcoming graduation ceremony dates, but I should be there Tom.
  2. bozebuttons

    Added to the list,See you soon.
  3. VandyMan
    I'm planning to attend.
  4. jinxy245
    Methinks the scheduling gods are shining favor down upon me...
    I think I can make it...sign me up
  5. aCommunistSpy
    Can somebody bring Focal Utopia/Elear if they have them? Very curious as to how they sound.
  6. mondrax
    Count me in as tentative, I will bring my Sony Z1R, Focal Elear, and Sony Z7 ( moded), and perhaps my source Walkman and PHA3.
  7. doctorjazz
    Is there Wifi at the venue? I think not, but I don't remember for sure.
  8. Luke Pighetti
    Will be debuting a bunch of new products at the meet, can't wait to see everyone!
  9. meringo
    Whaaaaa Can't wait to see your latest work!
  10. bozebuttons

    yes wifi is available.
  11. doctorjazz
    Cool, makes the source easier.
  12. Yikes Contributor
    I have marked the date.
    I'll be bringing my new Rogue Audio RH-5 Headphone Amp.
    My Abyss AB-1266 (They might be Phi by then)
    Audeze iSine20
    Source? Depends on how much energy I have. Maybe just a Mojo with CCK and OTG for people to use their own phones. Maybe the complete PS Audio DirectStream Stack.
  13. DutchGFX
    In. Hopefully I can finish some projects and bring them...
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Thread Status:
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