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Official New York Spring Meet Sat June 10 2017

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  1. m8o
    New folks still bring the Single Malt, right? :D
    MikeZhao likes this.
  2. MikeZhao
    Lol one more try... Anyone driving from the city? I'm desperately trying to avoid the hassle of carrying gear through the subway and then on the LIRR.

    Also, that is just so cool mrspeakers is a sponsor and will be in attendance. I've been looking into a pair closed-back cans for a while and have heard incredible things about the Ether C.
  3. m8o
    Sorry man, I've been tying to get out of NYC to LI all week but one thing or another kept me here. However I am definitely leaving tonight and staying at my house on LI and going from there.

    I know this may sound crazy, not knowing me and all, but I could transport your gear there for you, or at least some of it; be it the bulky or heavy or valuable stuff you dont want on the subway or lirr. But I'm not an early riser on a weekend so don't be panicky if I'm not at the meet until between 11am and 12pm. Haha. I definitely will be shooting for arriving around 11am.

    My wagon will be packed to the gills with my gear for home as well as what I'm bringing to the meet, but I can likely fold down more of the rear seats and make room for yours too (need one seat up for a dog). My building is at the corner of 22nd St and 2nd ave. Called the Gramercy House. We can move the details to PM if you want to proceed.

    Folks who attended past events, if you don't know me by my ID, I'm the guy who brought the McIntosh MHA-100 last time I attended a meet of few ago. Please chime in that I'm not a complete unknown and you've seen me at past meets.

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
  4. MikeZhao
    Hah any other community and I might think you were crazy. Generally though I've found head-fi members to be some of the friendliest and most helpful people around. I'll keep the offer in mind :)
  5. Mark Up
    Anyone going there from points north? CT, MA, VT, NH, RI, ME? I'm heading down from Western MA. Though it's a little late to plan a carpool.
  6. DocSkeekmo
  7. daveDerek Contributor
    I need to thin my collection so if you're thinking of scoring something take a look at my profile and let me know what you're interested in so we can meet at the meet.
  8. m8o
    One of the biggest inventories I imagine; tho maybe I haven't seen enough. But I'd guess it's up there.

    I'm PMing you about one thing I've been interested in acquiring. :wink:
  9. maxh22
    Anybody bringing a Chord Dave or Spring DAC by any chance? :beyersmile:
  10. jrfmd
    sorry--it isn't going to happen: personal business has taken over
  11. bozebuttons
    I will be at the hall at 8:30am I will need help running power cords & power strips to tables.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
  12. bozebuttons
    I will not be updating the list as the meet is tomorrow,
    If you are not on it ,it will be OK for you to attend anyway..
  13. Luke Pighetti
    Hey everyone, I regret to say that I won't be able to make it to the meet this weekend. We're just not ready to table yet. Hope everyone has a blast and I hope the next meet is soon!
  14. DiscoProJoe
    Greetings from Farmingdale, NY, next to Babylon. I was able to reserve a hotel shuttle at the Marriott Courtyard, leaving at 8 AM. If any of you besides me is staying here, and if you need an early ride, then feel free to hop on! I'll see everyone tomorrow.

  15. oneway23
    Wife and I are going to try to hop on the LIRR and make it tomorrow. Hop to see everyone there!
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