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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. iMig
    Lucky you. :) I´ve just replaced my headphone jack in my 5.5 having these issues. It didn´t work. Bad motherboard, in my case, I assume.
  2. sduck
    Oh - just discovered this thread! Or maybe I've already read it and forgot, not sure which. For some reason I got bored of my venerable iBasso DX50, and searching for a rockboxable and readily available alternative ran across the ipod video gen 5. So I bought one on ebay that had already been modded with an sd card and new battery, and rockboxed it when it arrived, and it's working great! It's a white one, originally a 30gb, so it's kind of skinny - and I wanted a black one, so also bought a black 8ogb unmodded one, which is yet to arrive. I've ordered an iflash adaptor and a new battery for it.

    One thing I've noticed with the one I have so far is that the output level is quite a bit lower than the ibasso - is a low output level for these normal?
  3. Puggie
    I've never listened to an iBasso, but the headphone out on the ipods is adequate IMHO and nothing more. I've currently a gen 6 with the micro SD board in as my guinea pig for mods before I transfer the lot to a Gen 7 (gen 6 is limited to 128gb storage, the gen 7 or 5 is not). I'm planning to fit one of the 1900mAh batteries which leaves the area occupied by the original battery free, I'm designing a better headphone amp to fit in this space and run off the now larger iPod battery. I'm hoping with the lower power requirements of the uSD storage I can afford a more juicy headphone amp, by using SMT components I should be able to make something half decent.
  4. webstaa

    The Euro models are volume capped, but AFAIK that's not an issue if you use rockbox. Mine were always plenty loud - enough that full volume is noticeably distorted on 5g and 5.5g ones - I usually max it out to about 90-95% volume for headphones and lower depending on the IEM.
  5. iMig
    Yes , its just the Euro models under official firmware. I made another ipod using a motherboard bought in Aliexpress and volume is higher.

    I´m not using Rockbox , so in order to to drive high impedance headphones with my euro ipods I use one of these cheap portable amplifiers (not an audiophile, sorry :wink:) https://www.amazon.com/Pyle-PHE1AB-iPhone-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B004V9CW7A and it brings quite a good boost .
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  6. MikeyFresh
    Reminiscent of this now laughable vaporware "story" from June 2015: http://www.fonearena.com/blog/14372...orlds-highest-capacity-sd-card-announced.html

    There is just about no chance that the first 512GB microSDXC card won't come from one of two major dominant players, either Samsung, or SanDisk (Western Digital), with a small outside chance they could be miraculously beaten to market by either Crucial (Micron), or Toshiba.

    Only those 4 dominant major players have the ability to develop the next generation of storage capacity in a microSDXC, the resources involved for this are not trivial.

    About the only way a company like Integral could be first to market with such a card is by buying an exclusive on it from Samsung or SanDisk, assuming either of those majors wanted to accept money in exchange for an early 1-2 month exclusive branding by someone like Integral.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  7. zedhed

    Amazon.co.uk are taking pre-orders...
  8. Happytalk
    Is there a lot of hiss/noise with that little amp?
  9. lowy23
    do you have any information on Bluetooth modifications?
  10. webstaa
    That mod has it's a full post here.
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  11. lowy23
  12. sduck
    I bought one, and it didn't work. Unwrapped the top, and the battery itself was fine, but the connector wasn't making the needed connections. I've just ordered another one to see if that was a one-time fluke. (I now have 4 ipods to test it in!)
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  13. sduck
    Update: got the new battery, it works fine. Just getting this ipod rockboxed and set up, will report back with battery life report soon.
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  14. DR650SE
    Hey guys, long time no post.

    Anyway my 256GB SD Card iPod was mid-sync when it when it died. The SD Card is now unreadable by windows and the iPod just shows the sad face and occasionally. I think part of this was brought on by the battery needing to be replaced and dying.

    Any tricks I can do to get the SD Card back up and running? I really don't want to have to purchase a new SD card. This motherboard on this iPod is a Red Wine Audio iMod board, so I would like to get it back up and running.

    Damn, should have known better then to **** with it with a dying battery. :triportsad:
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