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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. ThinWalls
    Though the serial number could be misleading if the ipod has been modified or refurbished! But I suppose if it isn't in working order to let you check the 'about' screen, that might be all you have to go on.

    I think you can also judge from the firmware version number on the about screen (as well as the model number and the search function as previously mentioned).
  2. ThinWalls
    How do those using rockbox organize their media on the ipod?

    I was at one point trying to write a plug-in to replicate the little bar-chart the original firmware uses to show media storage use (in the 'about' screen). But the only way I could get it to do anything meaningful was to have it look at the top-level folders and calculate the size of each. So it would produce something like this (where I have separate folders for 'music' 'podcasts' 'audiobooks' etc). But it wouldn't produce anything useful for anyone who didn't organise their media by type in that way (e.g. if you had everything in one folder or where the top-level directory was 'artist'), so I wasn't sure if it was worth continuing with.
    Is it common for people to organise their content in this way?
    (Also, it takes a long time to count everything up and produce that graph, at least on high-capacity ipods, my next plan was to work out how to have it save it and only recalculate it if something changes, but never got round to it)

    I keep wanting to try and add some small things to Rockbox but then keep losing the motivation!
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  3. socks2sound

    I bought it from this store, but it seems like he stopped selling them or ran out of stock. I remember reading in the item description that he just used car paint on it though. If it does come back on for sale on his store, it includes the back in the same color as well. I ended up using the same thick back I already had, since the one that I bought from this store only came in thin.
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  4. mueslitoeter
    Seems like the database structure hasn't changed and is the same across supported players, because the tool also works on Sansas. I basically followed https://www.rockbox.org/wiki/LinuxSimpleGuideToCompiling but instead of compiling a normal build (n) select (d) for databse tool and compile. Then launch terminal on the root of the palyer and execute the tool from there. Don't forget to reboot the player then.
  5. juwel1998
    Hello ThinWalls,

    Thanks for your answer. OK, understanding you correctly I should not get into trouble with 128GB micro sdxc cards.
    That would be good for me. Because -at least for now- everything is working/running fine.
    The PNY 512GB cards are only available in the USA, in Germany I might be lucky to get a 256GB for a almost decent price.

  6. gowiththeflow

    Although this post already three years old, I have the same problem with my iPod 5 (.5?) - I upgraded it with a 256gb mSata-Drive and now the battery hardly lasts 3 hours. Should I think about changing the mSata to a cf-module (e.g. this one: https://www.iflash.xyz/store/iflash-quad/ ). Any other ideas why the battery runtime is this low? (I already experienced the same problem with several replacement batteries I bough online - they all get hot. I don't know if they are all of inferiour quality or if something doesn't really work well with the combination of mSata and the iPod/batteries).

    Thank you all very much in advance!
  7. phlooo
    Well the mSata does consume more power than the stock hard drive. It also runs very hot, so the temperature issue might just be that and not the battery. While it's likely that you have a crap battery, it is also possible that one of your other parts is toasted and causing a short. My jack connector was faulty and discharged my iPod in a few hours, even with a 1900 mAh battery + iFlash Quad (which consumes much less than the hard drive). Swapping the jack connector restored 65h+ battery life :)
  8. gowiththeflow
    Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, this might be the problem because it's not exactly the area of the battery which gets hot, more or less the entire back of the iPod. I'll check for any shorts and maybe change to the iFlash Quad.

    May I ask where did you get your 1900mAh battery from? It's often hard to find a trustworthy online shop which sells high quality iPod batteries.
  9. phlooo
  10. Shady88
    I received the 3000 mah battery, but it came with the contact going to the wrong side of the battery, in the front instead of the back, as someone else's experienced already in this thread that probably bought the same exact battery. I know they can be flipped, as some of you have already done that, but i'm unsure if i might just be able to do it myself, as i'm not practical in electricity and i'm unsure what is the right thing to do. Can someone explain me REALLY REALLY CLEAR how to do it? Take notice that i'm Italian, so don't speak so technical to me.

    Or should i ask some expert to do it for me?
  11. 0rpheu
    remove the battery, untape the yellow tape, flip the connection ribbon to the other side re-tape it, flip the battery, i think you can connect it now.
  12. Shady88
    Isn't there anything i need to know? Is it that much simple? I can do it myself too, then? How is the ribbon cable connected to the battery?
  13. 0rpheu
    It's soldered, but it's really flexible so it might not be a problem, but be gentle i might be wrong
  14. webstaa
    There might (should) be a little circuit board where the battery cable is attached to the battery, just be gentle and re-tape the yellow (kapton) tape to make sure nothing gets shorted out.
  15. Shady88
    In the end i gave it to a friend who must be practical with these things, thank you all :)
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