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  1. ThinWalls
    Rockbox is really touchy about which sd cards it tolerates. Can't tell if the issue is with Rockbox or Tarkan's adaptors (opinions seem divided on the issue, i.e. between Rockbox devs and Tarkan!), but there's clearly an issue of timings and tolerances and maybe its only a happy accident that it works at all with at least some cards? Furthermore, apparently, Beyondwind's patch is a bit of a hack, that works in a way that the Rockbox people don't approve of and won't ever merge into the mainstream. But I always found that PNY cards were the one reliable brand...if their newer ones now don't work with Rockbox that's useful to know. But I thought that Tarkan agreed that the U1 PNY cards did work?

    The problems with the quad adaptor and micro SD cards seem even worse. For my quad adaptor ipod I have to make the database on a different ipod then manually copy the files across, as it can't build it's own database as it can't write reliably to the cards.

    I really wish someone was expert enough and motivated enough to resolve this issue, because it would then allow 6G ipods to be used happily with >128gb cards, which would be a very good thing. As it is, the only way to do that is with rockbox, but with rockbox you can't sync reliably, you have to use OF mode. Which you can't do on a 6G. Hence you can only really have >128gb on a video or a 7G.
  2. mueslitoeter
    True, but I encounter a massive difference in Rockbox. Especially when I use pictureflow or change sound settings. The 5.5G lags a lot, but the 6G does everything fine.

    Have you tried this tool, maybe this helps here:

    Can't try it out right now, but can't you use Apple disk mode on a rockboxed 6G to transfer files?
  3. ThinWalls

    Not if it's >128gb, because the apple disk mode can't see the whole disk in order to transfer files to it!

    Re building database on PC - would be good, but my rockbox dev environment got trashed when my linux box had a hard-drive failure and I haven't the energy to set it all up again! (Only just managed to work out how to do it last time, even started writing a Rockbox plugin before losing motivation).

    For time being just building on a 7g ipod then copying the files over works for me. Building using the simulator seemed another option, but that requires moving your entire music directory into the simulator's simulated disk directory, which is a bit of a pain.
    A stand-alone, windows-based, database builder that could just be downloaded and pointed to wherever your music was would be the ideal solution! The problem with the one linked on that thread is that its from 2009, and I'm not at all convinced it will still work with current rockbox.
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  4. reptillikus
    I spent about a week formatting and re-formatting using Itunes, Rockbox Utility & Aomei Partition Assistant. I did many tests with both cards and with each card separately. Every time, the U1 card worked flawlessly, every time the U3 card caused problems with Rockbox install. Did not matter which adapter i used, the U3 card would not work with Rockbox. However i did get it to work in both adapters, with the OF. So that leads me to believe the issue is Rockbox (as Tarkan believes as well), since as long as i use the OF, the card works fine. As ThinWalls points out, LBA restrictions makes this useless to me as all my ipods are 6th gen, with the exception of one. I do have a 7.5 gen using another dual SD adapter and a pair of the 256 GB PNY U3 cards, and of course that also works fine, as it is OF. (ive got a bunch of classics all built differently). Disappointing that i apparently cant just Rockbox any old 6th gen and go all out on file space, maybe ive just been lucky in the past, or maybe its just that U3 cards dont work with Rockbox. Odds are, ill end up buying another 256 GB PNY U1 card from Amazon sometime in January, just for some more testing in my 6th gen test bed. Ill post up my results, whatever they may be.

    I broke down and bought a 5.5 gen off ebay a couple days ago so when that arrives i can experiment with building a bluetooth ipod, which will now most likely get the dual adapter since i most likely cant reap the benefits of it in my 6th gen.
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  5. networkned
    OK, so please forgive me if I'm asking anything that may have been answered in the previous 623 pages... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    I've just bought a 5.5 gen off the Bay of E and want to crack on installing an SD adapter. However, given the comments above I would really appreciate some guidance ref cards.
    I'm looking to use Rockbox for it's FLAC capabilities rather than the Apple OS.
    I don't need huge capacity, so I'm looking at installing one of Tarkan's SD Solo adapters, or to future-proof the 4x micro-sd one, but am now nervous about which 64Gb/128Gb card to buy. Tarkan says min Class 6 which is understandable, but do comments about PNY cards above apply to micro-sd only? Would I be OK with a SanDisk Extreme 128Gb Class 10 U3 card?
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  6. Happytalk
    I think you'll be ok with any PNy Card made in the last 3 years. Sandisk as well.
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  7. networkned
    Thanks @Happytalk
  8. Puggie
    Noob looking to build a better ipod here and hoping for a little help.

    I had a classic 80gb when Apple was throwing them out through the refurb store years ago and it was great. I then moved to phones for my mobile music (currently a Sony xperia-x) but now want a better all in one solution as I'm finding the phone a bit small in capacity and i miss how my ipod very nicely integrated with my car stereo. So I want:

    More storage 256gb should do for now, but I want to future proof.
    Be an ipod so it plugs straight into my car stereo and navigates directly or can be taken as a stand alone portable player.

    So I need to keep the native OS, I tried recovering my old classic and rockboxing it, but it won't work with the car stereo. I bought Tarkans quad micro sd board as it looked the best option for small solid state expandable storage. I now realise the 6th gen classic is limited to 128gb on iTunes. So I've bought a cheap 7th gen classic.

    So my plan is, fit the uSD board to the 7th gen and possibly an upgraded larger battery. Can the 160gb drive retrofit to the 6th gen 80gb ipod (that ipod has had a physically hard life).

    Where do people recommend for batteries, preferably to keep the slim back? Ideally if I could keep the area from the original battery free I may try and build an upgraded headphone amp to fit in that space.

    Thoughts and advice please.

    Edit: picstop appear to have 128gb SanDisk cards for £30 delivered, a couple (or fully populated) of those would make for damn cheap storage, and more memory than I am likely to need.
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  9. Ant_
    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for some assistance regarding my modded iPod 7th Gen.

    When using the iPod, after a short while the screen backlight stops working. The iPod remains fully functional besides this one issue.
    If I reset the iPod it reboots and the screen backlight works again.

    This happens most times I use the iPod.

    I've replaced the battery and the screen already with eBay items (the old screen was cracked) and checked the backlight settings in the settings menu.
    Is anybody able to help figure out what's going on and why the screen backlight keeps acting like it is?

    Should I replace the screen again, or could the problem be something else?

    Specs are:
    7th Gen
    Tarkan quad drive
    2x 200gb Sandisk Micro SDs
    Replaced battery (eBay)
    Replaced screen (eBay)
  10. neosoul
    Hey guys, I have a 30gb 5.5 gen ipod video with lots of pats & cases for $50. Its posted on letgo in las vegas if anyone is intereted.
  11. ThinWalls
    In my experience, with cards 128gb or below there seem to be much less of a problem with compatibility and fussiness over brands. The previously-mentioned compatibility issues seem mostly to arise once you exceed 128gb. Can't say I've tried every permutation though. Personally I'd say the dual adaptor is a safer choice than the quad.
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  12. mueslitoeter
    Does this always happen in the same amount of time? Rockbox or OF? Is only the backlight off, or the screen (Can be seen, when holding it into a strong light) Usually if the backlight goes off, a button press should reactivate it. Maybe the ribbon cable of the screen has a bad connection.
  13. networkned
    Sounds like a dual SD with a couple of 64Gb cards could be the way to go. Thanks for your input!
  14. Ant_

    I don't know how long it would take before happening, but it wasn't very long....maybe between 5 and 15 minutes
    The screen used to work for a short period and then the LEDs would turn off.....the screen still operated, it was just the LEDs that would turn off.
    Once the LEDs went out pressing any of the buttons would not illuminate then again

    If I reset the iPod the Apple logo would illuminate and the screen LEDs would work again for a period before going off again. Now the LEDs don't work at all.
    The screen still operates, but can only be seen under strong light

    I've just refitted my cracked OEM screen for test purposes and the LEDs remain lit on that one, so i'm guessing I just need to replace the screen
    My other thought is perhaps the new battery is faulty and doesn't give the iPod enough power to illuminate the screen

    I'll charge the battery up and keep the old screen fitted. Once it's charged I'll remove the charger and see if the OEM cracked screen remains illuminated


    Also, my iPods (I have a 7th gen and a 5.5th gen) have ~37,000 songs on them each (same library on them both) of mostly 320kpbs and above. Whenever I try and shuffle songs the iPods just reset themselves.
    Is this due to the volume and or size of songs (approximately 240gb) or something else? And what can I do to fix this?

    I'm using iTunes and Sandisk SD Cards (two cards in each iPod for a capacity of 400gb each)

    I have two of these cards in my 7th Gen iPod:

    I have two of these cards in my 5.5th Gen iPod

    Thank you
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  15. juwel1998
    Hello and happy new year to all of you.

    Hi ThinWalls,

    How come you think the dual adaptor is a safer choice than the quad?
    Around X-mas I just had ordered a quad and 4 Sandisk 128GB micro SDXC cards - was that a mistake?
    I hope not.

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