Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

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  1. Shady88
    Yes, i know. But i've tried it with my now broken ipod and it kept getting stuck, plus i don't even like so much the interface, even tho the functionalities were so much, maybe even too much! But i like more the apple's firmware, as it is much stable and clean!!
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  2. webstaa
    No worries, I use the apple firmware on my car iPod (5.5g) as well, although my 7g has themed which looks close, but not identical to the 5.5g's look.
  3. phlooo
  4. mueslitoeter
    Oh, should have known from the nickname :)

    So what is the bottom line? All good? What setup do you recommend?
  5. Mboom
    If/when i get a iflash dual, would it better to remove the tabs that holds the back cover for easy accessbility later on ? Ive got a griffin flip case im keeping it in. I was figuring less wear and tear from opening it to add/remove sd cards, ect.
  6. webstaa
    It might be a plan, but you'll be bound to keep it in a case forever then. Might be a dealbreaker for some, but not for others etc.
  7. phlooo
    Well yeah it's all good now! Rocking the iFlash Quad + 2x 256 Gb + 1900 mAh battery, 65+ hours of playback !

    I did that, I removed the side ones and kept top and bottom ones. It works really well, the iPod stays closed but is easy enough to open when needed. Though you'll probably want to keep the top part of the right-side clips, because the headphone jack is attached to them
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  8. mueslitoeter
    I need some help from the experts: can I use a stock 850 mAh battery with an iflash dual adapter in my slim iPod 6g or do I need a thick back plate?
  9. smokedogg
    You need a thick plate, I’m 99% sure. The battery sits between screen and back plate, the storage doesn’t affect the stock-sized batteries at all.
  10. juwel1998
    Hello everyone,

    first of all merry X-mas to all of you.
    Now I have a interesting question.

    My iTunes library has 90 songs more than all of my "synced" files on my iPod (all of them check marked and none have an exclamation point to show they cannot be found).
    Has anyone of you an idea how that is possible?

  11. reptillikus
    Been doing some searching thru the thread, wondering if anyone else has run into this?

    Ive been using Tarkan's CF-SD adapter in a 6th gen for over two years now, with a PNY 256GB card (U1), running Rockbox. Ipod has run flawlessly this whole time. But, its time to upgrade so i bought the dual SD adapter, and another PNY 256 GB card, this time a U3. The U3 does not work in either adapter, with Rockbox. The U1 works in both adapters just fine. I can restore the Ipod and run the Apple software with the U3 card, or i can load the SD card in my card reader just fine. Spent about a week doing all sorts of tests, and the problem is 100% Rockbox. Was wondering if anyone else heard of this? Hoping its simply a U3 issue, and i can buy another U1 card and itll work with Rockbox again. Anyone else run into this?
    I do not have any other logic boards to test, every one i have is a 6th gen, every one has this problem.

    I talked to Tarkan about it, and he has heard that neither the U1 or the U3 versions work with his adapters in conjunction with Rockbox, yet ive been running a U1 card for a couple years now that way, so not sure what to make of it.

    Cliffnotes: trying to make a 512GB 6th Gen with Rockbox, new card doesnt work when running Rockbox, only stock firmware/software.
  12. mueslitoeter
    Thank you for the reply. Can anyone else confirm this?

    This is strange, because both cards are listed as working with iFlash adapters here:

    Have you tried dev builds or the 3.14 release? Is the card prepared correctly (right partition type and formatted to Fat32?)

    I don't know if the patch from beyondwind is somehow included in current builds, or even helpful here, but it might be woth a try: (had to use waybackmachine, because the site is down)
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  13. 80hz
    Yes, I agree. The 850mAh batteries are too thick despite using the iFlash.
    However, you can try the following options with the

    iFlash Solo



    If Alex is still selling batteries, then you can ask for the smaller extended-life battery:

    2000mAh Battery Upgrade replacement for iPod Classic 6 6.5 7 Video 5 5.5 Thin

    Which is what I did:

    iPod Video (Classic) 5g+5.5g internal Bluetooth Mod thread

    or you can try these (though they only come in a pack of 5):

    LOT 5pcs DIY 1500 mAh battery for 3/5 Tall short SSD iPod ONLY!

  14. iRock1

    I have a 5.5G iPod Video (thin) which I've already modded by replacing its hard drive with a flash card (using Tarkan's adaptor). On the other hand, a friend of mine has a 6G/7G iPod Classic (not sure which one) with a broken hard drive and a faulty battery.

    I was thinking of changing the 7G iPod's battery and replacing the hard drive with my iPod's mod, then putting my 5.5G iPod's enclosure on it (basically because it looks better).

    Would it be doable? Any complications on sight?

    EDIT: I know I'm giving away the Wolfson DAC but honestly I don't care that much. The new chispet always sounded better to my ears to be honest.
  15. ThinWalls
    (a) I agree with you about the Wolfson DAC, never really heard the benefit myself. The 7g seems a less 'coloured' sound.
    (b) Personally I much prefer the enclosure of the classic to the video, not least because it's that little bit slimmer...but the video is massively easier to re-open if you need to, so there's that.
    (c) I don't know about putting the 7th gen in the 5th gen case, several people have done the reverse, and that requires a bit of effort mainly because the click-wheels and frame are not quite the same - just search this thread for examples of people dong that.
    (d) Most importantly, if it's a 6g not a 7g then you will be limited to 128gb with original firmware, which is a disadvantage compared to the 5.5g.
    (e) The classic has a more powerful CPU than the video, which doesn't make much difference when using the OF, but does give a slight advantage when using rockbox
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