Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
  1. phlooo
    Hi guys,

    If some of you followed the battery drain issue I had, it seems that the problem originated from a shortcut in the headphone jack. Things seem to be back to normal now.
    As I now have a spare logic board with the DAC Wolfson, I was wondering if you think it'd be feasible to mod it in order to include the Kokkia i10s apt-X transmitter into the iPod?

    I think I read there were interferences issues with the metal casing, right? Maybe a plastic one or a cut out would do the trick?
  2. matique
    Hello all,

    After reading through the countless pages I've come to the conclusion that a 1900mah battery with a iFlash Solo would give me the best battery life? I'm intending to revive my old DIYmod Video 5.5 30GB. These are the parts I intend to order:

    • 1x 1900mah battery.
    • 1x U2 Special Edition thick back housing.
    • 1x Transparent front housing.
    • 1x iFlash Solo SD reader.
    • 1x 256GB PNY SD card

    I do have a few questions though...

    1. With a thick back housing, 1900mah battery and a iFlash solo, am i right to assume I won't have any clearance issues?
    2. If I intend to put Blackgate capacitors inside the DIYmod itself, would there be any possible space considering I already intend to use a big 1900mah battery?
    3. Are there still any shops that still sell LODs with blackgate capacitors in them in case i can't fit internal caps?
    4. Always wondered about this: can 5.5 diymods output digital out? If i could use an external dac + amp like the fiio Q1Mii, it'd be nice.
  3. iMig
    Hi, Matique. Regarding to 1.) I got a 5.5 -80 GB modded with an Iflash thin + 128GB SDXC card + 1900mAh battery + thick back. And battery lasts FOREVER. And cannot find how your config should have issues, unless you had a bad battery or motherboard. That´s the case of another 5.5 I have. Same modding and battery drops dramatically. Bad motherboard, I assume.
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  4. matique
    Haha for my rig I'm literally replacing everything else other than the motherboard. The LCD has some sort of watermarks on the inside, so that goes too.
  5. iMig
    IFlash won´t drain iPods batteries. Bad parts will. Every time I have read on quick battery drain it was, bad battery or motherboard. References?
  6. iMig
    If your motherboard and the rest of parts are OK it just will work fine.
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  7. mueslitoeter
    You're right. It turned out, that it was a bad headphone jack. See:,52055.0.html
  8. Shady88
    Has anyone any idea of which this generation this ipod is? I contacted a guy who's selling his broken ipod (disk not working, that's why 0 kb i guess) and asked him to send me the photo model
    I put the serial on the apple check coverage site and it results with being a 120 gb model (not late 2009)
    but model number MC293 seems to be late 2009's model. Has anyone any clearance on this? I asked him to send me a photo of the back to verify, and if it is really a 160 gb, why does apple reports it as 120 gb?

    I need it to pick the mainboard from it and use it to repair my ipod 160 gb and make it work with its disk. Do i do right if i'm buying it or is it a waste of money?
  9. juwel1998
    Hello Shady88,

    yes this is a late 2009 iPod, but MC293 seems to be a 160GB slim iPod --- have fun modding with lots of storage space
    At least mine -with that "declaration" MC293 (sliver)- are.
    MC297 (I believe) is the black one.

  10. Shady88
    I seem to remember my ipod was MC297something, and it actually is black, so it could be.
    Does anyone has any confirmation to this?
    Thank you Julia, anyway :)
  11. zedhed
    Yes, MC293 & MC297 are 160GB models. Silver and grey.

    I think Apple consider the 120gb and 160gb (thin) models as being in the same family, hence the look-up result.
  12. zedhed
    That's interesting. I've got an iPod classic with this behaviour. I'll have to dig it out and try this.

    By the way, I once had an ipod where if you touched the clickwheel the display would fade and power-down. Replacing the clickwheel fixed it. Just shows that individual components can have weird effects on the whole iPod.
  13. Shady88
    What i don't get is WHY it doesn't consider it a late 2009 release instead of "just" an ipod classic. Hmm..
    Thank you

    Wait a minute.
    According to this site , the "MB565LL/A" is actually the late 2009 gen? The ipod i'm actually using right now (120 gb black thin) is the model MB565, does that means it is the last generation ipod? In the apple site it reports it as 120 gb model too (not late 2009)
    So does that mean that i can put my 160 disk into it and all of the capacity is going to be read by the original firmware?
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  14. juwel1998
    Hello Shady88,

    the MB series has a limitation to 120GB and if I remember correctly a different connector to the harddrive.
    If it actually is possible, you will only get 120GB of storage space.
    ONLY the MC-series is the extreme "moddable" Ipod..... or the Ipod video (5.5 Gen 80GB).

  15. webstaa
    The limit is Apple's firmware. Rockbox removes that limit.

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