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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. Noodles5666
    Unfortunately I loathe Bono and U2.
  2. beyondwind

    use your hand grease and you can refinish the back with layers of sandpaper and grinding wheel.
    I've done that, and pretty much the case they sell on ebay is refurbished this way. Or if you have a sandblaster, you can also make a matt finished back case easily.
    And finally, only if you enjoy hand grease :)
  3. DMinor
    Or you can weld a piece of sheet metal to the back and cover it.
  4. Noodles5666
    I am getting one of these to see if it is the thin back like thay say.
  5. beyondwind

    Actually I am tempted to make a cover out of maghony.
  6. cmarti
    Hey guys, Alex Cheung (The 2000mAh iPod battery battery seller) joined Head-FI.

    Please welcome him :)

  7. Blasman
    I have a second question regarding modifying my iPod that I cannot seem to find an answer to so I will ask you more knowledgeable folks.  As I mentioned earlier, I am going to upgrade my "fat" 6th gen 160gb iPod Classic using Tarkan's "iFlash SD-CF Adapter Bundle" that I have ordered.
    My question is this, if I bought a "thin" back plate for my iPod, would I be able to simply exchange the "fat" back plate for the "thin" one?  I know that I would have to at least replace the battery, but are there any other parts that would need to be replaced?
    I am trying to decide if it is worth it as I would rather have a thinner more "modern" looking iPod than one that is considered huge by today's standards of portable electronics.  It seems silly to be using a fatter case if it is not needed.
  8. MikeyFresh
    I don't think the headphone amplifier/hold switch/ribbon cable assembly for the fat back will fit the thin back.
    I've never tried it, the vice versa works of course, but the fat headphone amp may not fit the thin back.
    Also, are you are aware the fat 160GB logic board will limit you to 128GB SDXC using the stock Apple firmware? No way around that unless using Rockbox.
  9. Blasman
    Thanks for the reply.  It looks like I may end up just having to stick with a fat ipod as it looks like I would have to basically replace all the parts to use a thin back.  Also, I am aware about the 128GB limit, thankfully my personal tastes easily make Rockbox the player of choice so it's not an issue.
    Hopefully someone who has tried to use the thin back on an ipod that originally had a fat back could give me some definite answers as to what needs to be replaced.
  10. potatotornado
    Wouldn't the audio-hold jack be the only part you need to replace? You can find one for the thin back for $5 or less.
  11. Blasman
    So I just spent an hour or two searching around.  I just bought this http://www.ebay.ca/itm/271630908363.  I'm hoping that was a smart purchase.  I assume that I just need a thinner battery now and I should be able to fit Tarkan's "iFlash SD-CF Adapter Bundle" in there and that should net me a thinner iPod.  Correct?
    I think that I now have all the parts that I need for my modified iPod except the battery.  Does anyone know if this model is reliable at all?  http://www.ebay.ca/itm/iPod-Classic-6th-7th-Gen-80GB-120GB-160GB-Thin-Replacement-Battery-650mAh-/180981370097.  I am seeing all sorts of different looking thin batteries on EBay so it's hard to know which one to get.
    Thanks again for the help.
  12. iRock1

    Is there a recommendable brand, or will any battery do the trick?

    Also, how much battery life would I gain first with the iFlash and SDXC card mod, and then with a new battery? Obviously I'm asking for estimations, not exact numbers.

  13. elfary
    Thanks again for the insight. I'll give up on the 2000mAh battery and stick to the 850 one.
    Now time for Shakeaspearian dilemmas:
    do i mod now or do i hold till my 240Gb 7G gives up the ghost?
    Anyway i'm glad that a new and appealing road for high storage 7Gs has been paved thanks to the passion, talent and generosity of people around here. Thanks everyone!
  14. kiyoshikiyomizu
    Got quite a problem here, my one of headphone when using with ipod video 5.5 have  noise right ear but when using with usb sound card its working properly. The other speaker and headphones are ok with the ipod. Can anyone help me on this? Thank everyone.
  15. MikeyFresh
    I've only bought the generic 650mAh battery on eBay to use in a 6th Gen. and it seems to be working fine several months later. It shipped from Canada, though they are all made in China.
    There is no way for anyone to even estimate the battery question for you, there are too many variables such as how bright or dim do you keep the LCD, how many times do you access/illuminate the LCD, and/or search album lists, and randomly access skip/seek tracks.
    All of the above eats up battery, and will produce a much shorter run time than just picking an album and letting it play through with no other intervention by the user.
    The SDXC modification offers better battery performance than the stock HDD, that's all anyone can assure you of. No one will be able to give you an estimate "and then with a new battery" because we don't know how old the current battery is, nor what your current run times are, and then all of that relevant to the above, what is your typical use pattern.
    Even if you were to try to provide all of that information on what way you use the device, it would still be anybody's guess as to what battery life you would get in real life use. That's just the long and short of it, there aren't concrete answers on battery life due to the number of variables involved.
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