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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DR650SE
    Quick question for anyone who may know. What is the highest audio resolution the iPod 5.5G can play? 64MB version. I have a few 48kHz/24bit songs, but the iPod just skips right over them. At least iOS does. I'll try Rockbox tomorrow when I get a chance.

    -Sent from my Galaxy S4-
  2. elfary
    As an owner (delighted) of a 240Gb iPod Classic 7G who loves iTunes and Apple firmware...could i rest assured that the 7G would work as flawless if i'd install a 256gb PNY SDXC card with that Tarkan thingy ???
    I'd rush to get these pieces as i do love the iPod Classic UI, headphone out, line out, size and battery life. Plus i find it such a beatiful object.
  3. DMinor
    I believe up to 44kHz/16bit. RB may play higher res but will down sample it to 44/16.
    I agree with you on the 7G with the Apple firmware. For a portable piece, it's almost a perfect design. The size is just about right, not too small not too big. In the past Apple's firmware kept me away because of the iTunes, but MediaMonkey has solved that problem for me.
    My understanding is 7g has no song limit issue so you should be good with the 256GB sdxc.
    EDIT: The stock 7g with the HDD is a little bit heavy for the most optimal portable piece in pocket. Swapping that HDD for a CF card feels the perfect weight in my hands, not mentioning the quite improvement to the power efficiency. 
  4. iRock1
    Guys, I want to upgrade a 30 GB iPod 5.5G. I'll be installing the iFlash & SD-CF Adapter Bundle and a PNY Elite Performance SDXC Flash Card, but I don't know what are my alternatives when it comes to the battery (again, I don't want to change to the fat case). Suggestions?
  5. SirMarcolino
    *** @guys living in the US !!! ***
    I do live in Germany. Here the PNY SDXC 256gb is not available. So my idea:
    I buy on Amazon.com the PNY SDXC 256gb and send it to your private address.
    In the same moment i send you the money for the mailing expenses to Germany by paypal or bank, plus an "donation money" for your efforts.
    Then, when you got my money and once you have the time, you would then sent me the envelope declared as "gift" :)
    Believe me, I will be amazingly thanksfull to the one head-fi-member who helps me build an PNY 256gb iPod.
    So who would like to earn a little money and make a passionate head-fi-guy a huuuuuuuge favor ?? :)
    You may contact me by PM...
    SirMarcolino from Germany
  6. elfary
    Which is currently the best battery that would work with a 7G modded with that PNY miracle?
    I'm so attached to the iPod Classic (since 2008) that this project is really getting me pretty excited already. Now that i recall my love for the 7g was stated in the longest thread about it that i started back in October 2009 upon a couple of listens...
    On a side note since i'm used to the thick mod (240Gb Toshiba HDD) i was wondering if it would be possible to keep the thick chassis while stuffing in the PNY SDXC instead of the Toshiba, along with a big battery...
  7. Noodles5666
    Silly question but seeing as I can't find the 1TB metal back replacements but I am sitting on 2 right now, I was wondering if anyone has seen where I could buy a 240GB thin metal back replacement.
  8. MikeyFresh
    I've only seen the thick back with the 240GB laser etching.
  9. MikeyFresh
    650mAh will fit.
    I'm not aware of larger capacities that are thin enough, maybe someone makes an 850mAh thin version? I haven't seen it.
  10. MikeyFresh
    If by "big battery" you mean the 2000mAh, no it will not fit with the SDXC adapter, only CF and mSATA will.
  11. MikeyFresh
    Yes but you do need the actual Tarkan CF-SD adapter (along with the iFlash ZIF-CF adapter board), he tweaks the CF-SD adapter's firmware to work with that PNY 256GB SDXC card.
    You don't get 256Gb net though, it will format down to about 239.7GB.
  12. MikeyFresh

    16-bit/48kHz with stock Apple firmware.
    I have no idea if using RB allows anything different.
  13. DMinor

    Since you already have the fat back plate, the 2000 mAh (or the 2600 mAh being sold on ebay) and the Miliamp 850mAh are two of the best. However, using SDXC will likely prevent you from using the 2000mAh due to fit issue. The SDXC + SD-CF adapter is thicker than the CF card, not by much but that's what matters to the fit. So the Miliamp 850mAh is the best bet if you decide to stick to the SDXC.
    That said, I am not sure if anyone has actually tried the 2000mAh with the CF card on a classic with the fat plate. I only tried the 2000mah with CF for the 5g, and yes it fits. Now keep in mind the classic has an aluminum case which is not forgiving (comparing to the more flexible plastic case for the 5g/5.g), so any forced fit may cause damage and you need to be cautious.
  14. Noodles5666
    Does anyone know of places that sell 6/7th gen thin metal backs that have nothing on the back? I may have found a place to do what I need.
  15. beyondwind

    Get the U2 back and there will be no hard drive size etching on it. Of course, only if you don't mind the "U2" signature.
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