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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DR650SE

    Here is what Tarkan said in the comments on his site.

  2. Tuncurry
    Yes, i tried but when it is rockboxed or even formatted with iTunes, the drive won't be recognize when plugged with an external adaptor : Windows or OSX says it need to format. So i'm very interested to understand how some can do that from an external drive or MB ? 
    I saw the different issues with copying files. I do not have a disk failure when copying because of the special Y USB/Firewire Cable. I got no error when transfering files. Everything seems to be good but when i reboot the iPod, it is blocked. Some says that iTunes on 5th G can't handle more than 30k files. It seems weird to me and that's what i am trying to know right now, by approching this limit and testing after every load. Other test is copying 10-20 Go on the mounted hard drive, under Rockbox and see if it starts and then going back with 20 more Go, ... and so on. But it's a long way to the top....
  3. bana
    I need your help!!! I got my Tarkan adapter, ( a very professional card) and Samsung 500Gb. All installed and I was loading my Itunes library, about 11K songs, everything was going well when PC went to sleep. Itunes locked up and I had to reboot.
    Every since then my Ipod has the X, I can get to the disk mode but nothing else. I've reinstalled everything, but so far no luck.
  4. Peridot
    Congratulations, I'm jealous! The 1TB is my next step so I've very interested to hear how you get on - good luck with it.
    I don't think there's any option to use different file systems, I've certainly never seen it discussed. I think the power consumption of these drives is related to the fundamental technology employed so the file system is unlikely to have a significant effect. 
    One thing I am considering is whether I should try to pick to a 60GB 5 gen device for the terrapod mod, rather than the 80GB 5.5 gen that I have lined up for it. It was discussed a while back in this thread that it's possible to load the SSD directly from a PC when used with a 5th gen iPod MB, but not a 5.5 gen. Given the power issues it would be nice to do the initial load externally.
  5. DMinor
    The BP4 240GB is much less power demanding than the other msata's I have tried.
    Also with a few power on's/off's and some file/folder browsing and manually switching a few albums everyday, I doubt it will get you 100 hrs or even close to 100 hrs with any type of drives.
  6. beyondwind
    I stand behind my test result; ipod 5.5G, 64mb RAM, 2000mAh battery, crucial 480g, generic green adapter, a mix of regular mp3, various coding rate. 
    And my battery is tested with my DIY microcontroller capacity meter so it is true 2000mAh. It took me a few weeks to make the capacity meter, just to make sure that my number is valid. 
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  7. beyondwind
    I just want to reiterate here that  the above comments is not backed by any data, and more and more of you will find out from your own experience that it is not true.
  8. DMinor
    That's impressive diy project.
    Did you just turn on the ipod with a fully charged battery and then let it continuously play till the battery completely drained? No stops in between?
  9. beyondwind
    Right, continuous playback.
  10. DMinor
    Practically, you will have a few power on's/off's everyday, possibly browsing a few folders and switching albums too. With that, the play hrs left could be cut down by half. I have a bad habit of browsing folders/files and hardly finish an album completely from beginning to end.
    If you get your hands on a Miliamp 850mAh battery, you may run a battery test on that one too. Very good battery. 
  11. DMinor
    Absolutely, the generic adapter, aka "green" adapter. 
    As for the Samsung 1TB msata, dr408517 found out that only reformatting thru MB will get the ipod recognized for restore. Initially, I made many attempts to format via USB port using an external adapter without success. Eventually, I formatted it via MB and it worked like magic. Better yet, for 5g (not 5.5g) I was able to load that drive all thru motherboard with 924 GB's of my music much faster. Again thanks to dr408517's tips. 
    Now my Teradiymod is powered by a Miliamp 850mAh battery and it's a beauty. :)
  12. Tuncurry
    Hello, This are steps that i went thru. If you can get into disk mode, then iTunes might recognize the iPod but it takes times, often more than 5 real mn. So leave it plugged for let's say 15 mn and see what's happens. You can change computer if you can, sometimes it helps.
    If this don't work, the solution is to take off the ssd and format it in the fat mode from a USB access. When you will put back ssd in, iTunes will recognize an iPod in recovery mode and will format it. 
  13. DMinor
    So you were able to format it via USB port using an adapter for ipod to restore it? Which Samsung msata?
  14. Tuncurry
    Well, in fact i have no problem to go to recovery mode and format it, from iTunes or getting an usb adapter Msata->Sata and format the disk outside the iPod.
    I have the 2 Samsung Evo 840 models, one in 500 Go and one with 1 To.
    What i can't do is when the disk is ready to copy music (as Apple OF or with Rockbox) to copy music files outside the iPod, from a MB or an SSD adapter because in this case the disk is unreadable and has to be formatted so i wonder how some of you succeed in writing with MB.
    My major problem for now is to go beyond 80/100 Go of files. As i can totally fill the ssd with no bugs (I have the Y USB/Firewre cable), it stills bugging at reboot. When i plug back the iPod in disk mode,and into computer, i see it normally via iTunes and the disk (both on iTunes and desktop) and have access to the music. But i can't get it to work again from this point in a standalone mode.
  15. DMinor
    That's interesting. You were able to format the Samsung 1TB externally via a USB port using an adpater and ipod was able to recognize it for restore without giving a sad face, correct? What adapter do you have and are you running a Mac?  AFAIK, dr408517, cmarti and myself were all unsuccessful getting the ipod to recognize the Samsung 1TB formatted via USB port.
    You may try to format the drive thru MB, then restore, then back to MB again for copying files externally. Only if you work on a 5g, not a 5.5g.
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