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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DMinor
    Amazing mod @beyondwind. You certainly raised the bar for the modding. 
    Now without a single capacitor for the headphone audio path, do you have any dc offsets measured from the HP out?  As for the lineout, I definitely prefer no caps for the diymod. The lineout from the capless diymod sends out 2 volts to my amp, UHA6S.Mk2, which was also designed without dc coupling caps but capable of compensating for some DC. I also tried those Wima caps for my diymods before. If you like to have the caps there, the Kemet's are also excellent candidates. To my ears the Kemet's sounded even better than the Wima's. But now I have abandoned them all due to the transparency brought by the capless setup.
    Edit: What was that for with the wires soldered to the green adapter also the wire bridging the msata and the adapter? Man you need to post this at your web site so we can learn how to mod the HP out. Last time I tried to solder to the tiny pads along the perimeter of the DAC, that's really challenging. Even I was able to, the joints won't be solid and they can easily break off. 
  2. beyondwind
    Wolfson output have a 2V DC bias however for capless setup, both the positive and negative have the same DC bias level, the TPA6120 will take that as a differential input, and the net output from the TPA6120 AMP is zero DC bias. You may check readings online related  to "xlr balanced audio" or "opamp common mode rejection". 
    I use WIMA because their size is a perfect fit. So which kemet are you using? Kemet MKP is too big for internally mod.
    I will read infos about the UHA6S MK2 to see if there is any work around for the DC bias. 
  3. DMinor
    Man interesting, and I really want to try that HP out mod. Thanks for the info.
    These are the Kemet caps I used. The thickness is 7.2mm, and I think with the thick back plate max 8mm can be accommodated. If you are interested trying the Kemet caps, just PM me and I can mail you a free pair. 
    Regarding the UHA6S.MK2, below was what the designer (Nick, owner of Leckerton) said ....
    "The output of the amp does not have DC blocking caps in the signal path. Instead, there is an active circuit which compensates for any offset seen at the output, driving it to near zero."
    If you can find another amp designed without using DC coupling caps, please let me know and I would like to try and compare. 
  4. originalsnuffy
    I tip my hat to those of you making the cap mods, etc.  I have a hard enough time opening the darn unit and reinserting the battery without breaking things.
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  5. MikeyFresh
    OWC has a 600mAh upgraded capacity Mini battery for 10 bucks.
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  6. SirMarcolino
    I am just a "little" worried about the heat in combination with the 2000mah battery.
    so my question, how is your order IN the iPod?
    1. fat back --> tarkan-msata-adapter including msata --> 2000mah battery --> iPod including motherboard
    (HD-Ribbon-Cable seems to be long enough to do this version
    2. fat back --> 2000mah battery --> tarkan-msata-adapter including msata --> iPod including motherboard
  7. intopieces
    Not using the Tarkan adapter here, but I put the battery up against the fat back (this is how it came) and I had some trouble with the expansion because I had extra padding. The heat hasn't been intense even when running it all day, but I wouldn't recommend splitting the the hard drive cable like that.
  8. DMinor
    On the 2000mAh battery, finally it was completely drained yesterday after 40 hrs of play. Using the firewire wall charger,  I charged it for about 6 hrs to full before it stopped charging (the RB charging icon went off). I then reset the battery reading to zero and we will see how many hrs this bad boy will bring for the 256GB CF mod with the 1st full charge.
    Now since the RB setting for battery is 1400mAh max (which I set for this 2000mAh), I am not quite sure if this full charge is indeed a full charge. I intend to reboot the ipod to Apple's OF next time for the 2nd full charge.
    For your guys using the 2000mAh with the msata, any results on the play hrs with a full charge?
  9. davidcotton
    One concern about the 2000mah I would have is it's life expectancy.  Whilst it's quite something to keep going for over 40 hours it's not much use if it craps out after 3 months or whatever.  Just something to consider.
  10. davidcotton
    On a slightly different note, for once crucial uk have a sale on msata drives.  The details are :-
    M500 Unit Details
    120GB MSATA SSD - £40.84p
    240GB MSATA SSD - £67.99p
    480GB MSATA SSD - £138.90p
    240GB SSD - £67.99p
    960GB SSD - £272.77p
    M550 Unit Details
    128GB MSATA SSD - £55.93p
    256GB MSATA SSD - £92.96p
    512GB MSATA SSD - £161.83p
    Free p+p as well!  With thanks to the post over at Hotukdeals.  That 480 gig one looks tempting at that price.
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  11. SirMarcolino
    5.5g, crucial 480gb, rockbox  --> FLAC playing without browsing at all: "only" 20-23 hours. I expected a little more, to be honest
    Looking forward for more results from you guys
  12. DMinor
    Too late for me. :)  
    Honestly, you never know the truth until you find out. Trying different things is part of the fun for this hobby. I am thankful that this battery is actually available for us to try. I have a bad feeling it's a killer for the CF mod.
    I think power on will suck quite a bit juice out of this battery with the msata's, especially with the Crucial from my experience. Nevertheless, I would definitely expect more than 20-23 hours without browsing. I recall when I did a test on the Miliamp 850 mAh with the Crucial 480gb it was close to those numbers. One thing I like the Miliamp is its resilience as it drains lower, even with the power surges from power on. But I never did any test with this battery on a CF mod. 
    I would expect more play hrs from this 2000mAh for those who use the BP4 and Samsung msata's. 
    @SirMarcolino, how did you charge the battery? I mean thru computer's USB port, or usb wall charger or firewire wall charger. Did you charge it from RB or apple's firmware? How many hrs did it take to charge it full?
  13. beyondwind

    So DC bias for this AMP is not a problem, DC servo can work quite well, so do you have any pop at start up? From what I am reading the OpAmp on the UHA6S MK2 can be easily swapped, and I am sure you will enjoy that.
  14. beyondwind
    1 is the way to go.
  15. beyondwind
    RB battery capacity setting will not affect battery charging terminate voltage. The 1400mAh /2000mAh number is used as a reference for battery life prediction.
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