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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. yacobx
    eForcity 900mAh Replacement Battery for 30GB iPod video 5G https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003DT4QM8/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_xCZpub1CM0XZ6

    Is this 900mah any good?
  2. DMinor
    This battery is ridiculous. When I left home this morning I checked the RB info showing something like 6% reserve for 4 hrs. So I let it continue to play thinking it would be drained completely by the time I come home from work. When I got home 11 hrs later, it was still playing with RB showing 0% or 17m remaining. The CF mod is not even warm a bit.
    So from 6%-4 hrs to 0%-17m, it actually took 11 hrs. LOL. 
    Edit: RB stopped updating the battery status at 0% 17m. My guess is the RB has been showing 0% for a few hrs already while the ipod is still playing. Now I need a theme without showing the battery indicator. I am sick of seeing the empty battery box while the ipod keeps playing. :)
  3. mathi8vadhanan
    That one is overrated and was really bad strength wise. Get the OEM replacement 480 mah ones.
    PMed you the link.
  4. DMinor
    Does anyone know how long it takes to fully charge the 2000mAh? Since RB can't give the accurate reading, how the hell do I know if the battery is fully charged. From now on, everything is by guessing. 
  5. davidcotton

    As you say it's guess work, but if you give it the weekend say friday evening to sunday evening that might well do it.  Or you could email the seller you bought it from to see if he has any relevant info available.
  6. SirMarcolino
    guys, setting up thin ipod video 5g.
    How much capacity has the blue sanyo battery from the 30gb which fits in the thin back? need to know it for rockbox-settings. thanks....
  7. DMinor
    Yeah good suggestions. This battery is a kille. I bet it may take one day to recharge it back full. LOL.
    Finally, I transferred the Wellcore 256GB CF to this diymod with this battery. I have zero doubt that a full charge of this bad boy will exceed 100 hrs with the CF card. Since the RB battery indicator was empty, it has been going for more than 15 hrs and still going as we speak. To help drain the battery as soon as possible, I tried to abuse it by lots of folder browsing and switching albums, nothing happened and the bad boy just ignores me. :)
  8. DR650SE
    lol that's awesome. You need to play videos and crank the volume and brightness up to drain that battery! I may have to snag one of the Komputer Bay 256GB CF Cards.

    I'm curious on how the run time differs from the 1TB mSata drive.

    Makes me wish we could squeeze a bigger battery into the UHA 6S.MKII. :p
  9. davidcotton
    I've thought of doing that already as I have an ipod mini 2nd gen in very good condition (aside from the slightly faded logo on the back it looks like new).  It would also be a straight swop for the microdrive as well.  Thing thats putting me off is the last time I used a 128 cf card from komputerbay it was highly unstable (I think cmarti confirmed more or less the same thing).
  10. DR650SE
    Hmm, I had never heard that. Wonder how it would work. I never had any issues with my 128GB SD card from Komputerbay. Hmm...

    256GB Mini would be pretty sweet.
  11. DMinor
    Yeah that would be nice for the UHA. But in the office, most of the time I just plug the amp to usb for charging while listening to music.
    The run time on that 1TB will be awesome too, no doubt about that. But given what I have experienced after the drive was fully loaded, I would like to know if the freezing thing is an isolated case or generic issue. Will have to wait for your guys to confirm. Not sure if dr408517 has tested his units with the drives fully loaded. Battery for that mod is not my priority with the issue. The issue is still manageable as long as it won't corrupt the drive at some point requiring reformat/reload. You simply hate to lose that 900+ GB of music files.
    I can imagine this bad boy will rock even more on a 7g/classic CF mod.  How about 120 hrs of playing time?  Impossible is nothing.  :)
    EDIT: Below are the messages received from Alex on charging .....
    "I had tested this, it will cost about 7-8 hours with apple charger. Please don't disconnect the charger before the iPod shows the battery is full. If the charger cable is disconnected during charging, sometimes the ipod will couldn't be charged again before the battery drained."
  12. originalsnuffy
    My first attempt at a mod was with a mini.  That was when I learned that one must be very careful to note where cables are attached and to detach cables very precisely.
  13. DMinor
    Is there any good replacement battery for the Mini? That size is really good for gym exercise or playing sports. Been thinking about diymod a Mini for audio comparison to diymod video with the capless setup. 
  14. beyondwind
    Just to raise the bar :)
    iPod 5.5th, mSATA, Capless setup with differential feed to TPA6120 head phone amplifier (the small board on top of the battery), imod with internal WIMA MKS cap for lineout.
    Headphone is 600Ohm DT990, not a single capacitor for the healphone audio path, ultimate portable 600Ohm headphone setup.
    the wizard of oz and DMinor like this.
  15. DR650SE
    That's pretty awesome! You gotta post that in the portable gear thread! 600ohm on the go!
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