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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. beyondwind

    Do no expect that it can restore in iTune, I never managed to go beyond the red X mark.
    Just follow rockbox instructions by going into DFU mode after reset.
  2. Billy213
    Okay I'll give that a go. I've currently managed to get in to disk mode, but it's still failing. Error 1439. 
  3. DMinor
    It sounds like that dual firewire/USB cable will really help to maintain power stability without relying on the battery power for file transfer. Yeah, the Crucial did not give any trouble for loading that 480GB full via USB, but this Samsung 1TB seems sensitive to heat during file transfer. The most I got it loaded so far was around 600GB's before it stopped copying files and became inaccessible. 
    EDIT: So the power instability is caused by the heated battery?
  4. Billy213
    • Choose the “Rockbox” option, wait for Rockbox to boot (Complaints about the rockbox.ipod file being missing are normal at this point.)
    • Wait for the iPod’s hard disk drive to connect and become accessible from your PC.
    I get an 'error accessing playlist control file' when it comes up with the usb cable, then sometimes a 'panic usb storage connection' message.

    Any ideas?
  5. beyondwind
    The ssd need to be formatted by emcore. And what's your emcore version? I bet you didn't use my patched up version.
  6. DMinor
    For now I gave up on file transfer to the 1TB via USB relying on ipod's battery. I don't think that alone will get the 1TB completely filled without corrupting the drive at some point. The dual firewire/USB cable may have a good chance getting the job done, since it won't rely on ipod's battery for power.
    With @dr408517's tips, I am now transferring the files to this drive via motherboard. It works great this way so far for the 5g, and much faster transfer speed too. By the way, this drive is switchable between the 5g/30GB and 5g/60GB models. I already tested this.
    I will load this babe full via motherboard and see if there is any issue.
    EDIT: Did this MyDigitalSSD 480GB mSATA just come out recently? No review yet at Amazon. 
  7. Billy213
    Thanks for your help beyondwind. It turns out everything I was doing was correct, as per your instructions. Apparenly the cable I was using was a dud ha. Probably the cause of every problem since I started this thing.

    Everything appears to be working fine now, though. :D
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  8. MikeyFresh

    I too am curious if anyone has experience with that MyDigitalSSD, either the 480GB model specifically, or even just that brand in general.
    It looks like a good deal at $199 with a 2 year warranty, I think I'll use it when my Tarkan adapter arrives.
  9. DMinor
    I have a pair of these BP4's and they work great. I would actually recommend this drive for the 256GB mod over the SDXC (very competitive cost wise).
    Update on the Samsung 1TB:
    Uploaded about 700 GB's via motherboard, put it back to the ipod and everything works great. :)
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  10. cmarti
    Can you please post a picture of how you connected the card to the PC?
  11. DMinor
    I am in the office now away from the home desktop used to load the files. But it's similar to the pic shown in this post by dr408517. You just put the msata in the adapter, and then connect the adapter to the SATA slot on the motherboard and power with the cable. I used this cable.  The 4 pins are for power plug.
  12. cmarti
    Then I dead in the water because I am a laptop user. :frowning2:
    Can it be done via the laptop eSATA port?
  13. DR650SE
    Man, I wish there was an easy way to convert iTunes playlists to Rockbox playlists. That's the only thing that keeps me using a dual boot between iOS and Rockbox. I need to just take a lot of hours and recreate my playlists in Rockbox. Is there a way to backup Rockbox play lists?

    Mostly wondering because I should be getting my 1TB msata, and Tarken adaptor today or tommororow hopefully. And my 2000mAh batter soon as well.
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  14. DMinor
    I never opened my laptop, but I think that eSATA port should do it.
  15. DMinor
    I personally prefer folders and folders in folders, perhaps because more than 90% of my music are images (wav/flac/ape+cue).
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