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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. dr408517

    Funky has a V6, so the mSata route is out. The KingSpec 128g is my hands down go-to solution for Zif SSD upgrades to V6 thin and V7.

    Dminor, can you confirm the CF upgrades were V6 or V7 ipods?
  2. DMinor
    Sorry my bad. ALL my mods are for ipod 5g's or 5.5g's, unless noted otherwise in my posts. [​IMG]
  3. FunkyRelic
    So, given that I just bought a 6th Generation (or 6.5 depending on who you ask) 120GB iPod Classic, the easiest upgrade route is to go with a 3.3v ZIF 1.8" SSD such as the Kingspec (KSD-ZF18.6-XXXMS). If I remember correctly from all the reading through this thread, this is known to work. Is that correct? Does anyone know if there are any 3.3v ZIF 1.8" SSDs with 256GB capacity that work?
    Again, thanks for your patience.
  4. MParrott

    I would actually think the easiest, least expensive, best performance route would be CF with a iFlash adapter.
    CF is older tech, but so are ipods. See this ...
    PM me if you are in the market. I have iFlash's and CF's that I know work.
  5. FunkyRelic
    Hmm. I thought that a 3.3v 1.8" ZIF PATA SSD was pretty much plug and play. Basically just a straight swap from HDD to SSD. Am I mistaken? Also, the prices of said SSD in 128GB and CF in 128GB plus iFlash adapter is about the same now.
  6. MParrott
    I haven't had multiple SSD's. Only multiple Super Talent SSDs. I had one iPod 7 and one iPod 6 with these SSDs and they were able to get up and running, but the iPod both drives failed. I have given friends and family iPods with CF and iFlash adapters, and all of them are still going. Plus the two I have and my son's. And with the deal I've got, the package is $137 with the adapter and a 128GB card that won't suck power unnecessarily.
  7. FunkyRelic
    That's true. I did read that a lot of people complained of heat and power issues. No power savings over the original HDD while there definitely is with CF. I hadn't heard about the reliability either. I don't want to have to do this every couple of years. I've got a 60GB 4th Gen iPod Photo that is still going strong (except for the battery). I may CF that one too. Are there any limitations I need to know about with that version of iPod? I believe that the connector is different so it will need a different adapter, but is there a size limitation as well?
  8. davidcotton
    No idea about the 4th gen but reports of the rockbox build available from beyondwinds site seem to indicate that the issues with rockbox and msata have pretty much been resolved now.
  9. gav007

    The 4th Gen iPod Photo will accept compact flash, but you will need to reformat the card for it to work. I changed my 20gb HDD to a 32gb compact flash and sold it. 
  10. FunkyRelic

    What file system does it need?
    Also, has anyone tried one of these adapters?
  11. MParrott
  12. MParrott
    Also here is a great way to reformat to Fat32 safely

    I have a gen 3 too using a 64gb cf card.

    My opinion: get an 80gb 5.5 (iPod Video) and do the iflash with a 128 CF 300x

    All the 80gb iPods have a 64mb logic board, which you could buy all by itself on eBay.

    Still has the Wolfson dac, and the face plates are easier to remove when it comes time to replace a battery.
  13. gav007
    The 4th Gen iPod Photo is picky. It needs Fat32, but formatted in DOS. You can do this on Windows by using the command prompt to format, this will rewrite the binary and allow the iPod Photo to accept the compact flash.  Also, that's exactly the adapter I bought to work with compact flash.
  14. FunkyRelic
    I only want to tear into these things once, so I'll evaluate the Gen 6.5 120GB Classic I bought once it arrives to see if it needs a new chassis, jack, etc. I already know it needs a new battery.
    Thanks for all the help and advice everyone. The 128GB CF cards have come down enough in price that they're a little more reasonable than the last time I looked into doing something like this. I'll post again once I complete this refurb project.
  15. DMinor
    For those who want to use Apple's OF only or both the OF and RB, the 128GB CF mod is the best choice in my opinion given its power efficiency and reasonable cost. Also it's a little bit lighter I think.
    I have been using CF cards for my camera since 2006, and they are very reliable and I haven't encountered a single problem. The CF cards should be even more reliable for the ipods as you don't repeat the delete/write cycles as often as you do with cameras.
    I am curious about how long these ipod boards can last, theoretically.
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