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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. NLNH
    Why don't you order ciems in your country??? [​IMG] 
    (guess you are from the states? coz 500usd x 7.55 = ~3750)
    In HK there are few local makers, and as I know only Lear (aka forever source) can get everything done in 2 weeks....
    some keywords if you wanna visit earphone shops in HK, to name a few:
    Simcity (includes quite a lot of stores like DMA,  Kingsound etc.)
    Mingo Headphone
    Av2000 and some other shops(basement, prosperity building at Mong Kok)
  2. trivan
    Thanks for the reply.  Of course I can get a pair made in the US, but just looking to see if I can get something not widely available in the US.  Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. NLNH
    I see....[​IMG]  seems like it will be clumsy ordering ciems if you got just 2 weeks...
    anyhow, have fun when you are here!
  4. BucketInABucket
    I just found this thread, I missed the august hk meet!
  5. Nicolas L
    SAO :D
  6. dauhak
    Hi everyone,
    I am residing in Hong Kong, and would want to buy zero audio's carbo basso iem from a retail outlet or any other non online stores,
    I can go up to Macau, in the west and Guangzhou in the north. I do not have visa secured card, it says EPS from HSBC.
  7. raulcf77
    is it possible actually to get a pair of Stax SR009 there in Hong Kong? any advice?
  8. BucketInABucket
    I know DMA HK stock Lambda-series Stax cans as well as high-end offerings such as the HD800 and HE-6. It's quite possible that they also stock those but I've never personally checked.
  9. akiroz

    Sure, Mingo has some STAX.
    (they used to have the 009's for demo too.....)
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    You could do the fitting and ordering in Hong Kong and have them ship the finished CIEMs to your place overseas? They have to ship your impressions to China and get the product back from China anyway so logistically it doesn't make that much difference.
  11. Nicolas L
    I believe that if you're getting a pair of CIEMs from LEAR they do it in Hong Kong, but if you're doing any other brand it's going to be shipped overseas I suppose. 
  12. Love Music
    I was thinking of buying a new pair of iem's in ebay. The seller is situated in Hong Kong but I don't know if they are reliable. Does anyone know?
  13. raulcf77
    Thanks for the info friend; prices are similar to Japan?
  14. akiroz

    IIRC the prices were bit higher.
  15. raulcf77
    Yes, I was checking several websites and prices are not only bit higher, they are much higuer! :frowning2: 
    Anyway I´ll try to get them there if prices really are just bit higher, I will check because I will be there 6 days
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