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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. b0ssMax

    I always buy local when i can. Easy if you need warranty service. If you think 50 is worth the risk, then go for it. I built a good relationship with my local dealer, so i normally get good deals.
  2. smaragd

    Depends if you can negotiate to get international warranty or not...
    I know of Canon HK allowing to swap local warranty for locally purchased goods into an international warranty. 
    Also some credit cards may offer international warranty... check with you CC issuer.
    On the other hand you might be able to send (touch wood) a faulty Shure directly to the HQ service center for servicing, this may still be cheaper than your 50 pounds with an RME request.... worth checking ...
  3. Aradea
    Hi Guys,
    I am planning to go to Hong Kong for a business trip next month. Noted on Kingsound, Mingo and other hifi shops there.. I will look them up for sure while there.
    What intrigued me the most are:
    1. Is there a place in HK that sells used head-fi gear?
    2. Since HK is close to mainland China or specifically Shenzen, is there any store there that sells gears (such as amps, DACs, etc.) from the mainland? if we look it up on Shenzen Audio or Ali Express, there are so many gears made in China that are affordable.
    Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Soooo anyone up for a meet sometime in July? :regular_smile :
  5. SerenaxD
  6. wskl
    Does anyone know where to buy a xDuoo X3 DAP from a HK shop and guarantee that I will get the newer version with 2000mAh battery?
    I have asked Jaben and penonaudio but both are currently stocking the old versions.
  7. smaragd
    Try Foco in Shatin New Town Plaza

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  8. smaragd
    Just checked for you but they don't carry that brand...

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  9. roguepp88
    Jaben in MK carries that brand, but I have no idea if they have the newer version
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    If you're in Hong Kong already you can contact xDuoo's taobao directly?
  11. wskl
    Thanks for checking.
    Already checked, they have older version.
    I will look into it but since I cannot read Chinese, I'm thinking going down the taobao route will be problematic for me.
    I may just play the waiting game with penonaudio, they said they would contact me when they receive the new version.

  12. mrstrangeguy
    If I am in HK at that time sure, count me in!
  13. SillyChili
    if it's inappropriate please ask me to delete,thanks in advance.
    have a L&P L5Pro bought from Right Shop Audio.
    Great sounding device but lack some features which are vital for me so putting it on sale.
    It has a few dints on the sharp corners and the leather case is a bit worn.
    Comes with receipt,original box and all accessories.
    Still in warranty(due November 2016).
    Would consider offer around $4600 HKD
    please feel free to PM for pictures and further conversation.
    thanks again.
  14. smaragd
    You will likely have more chance selling it on dcfever.com
    Or get more exposure in this forums classifieds

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  15. SillyChili
    already did
    kinda desperate to sell so any place will do
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