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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. lin0003
    Hey, is it possible for me to go? I'll be visiting for a while. 
    Charles told me about this lol. 
  2. NLNH
    May be we can meet in Mong Kok, we will just come out for a meal [​IMG] 
  3. lin0003
    Sure, what time and where?
    Might be best to email me. 
  4. key41jj
    Was wondering if antone could help me. I'm vising hong kong somewhere in DEC. Wondering if there's any reliable places where I can find used good portable amps? Say within the RSA range of amps or similar? I'm staying around TST area if that helps.

  5. NLNH
    Will confirm asap....
    Will you bring anything like Rha ma750[​IMG]?
  6. lin0003
    Sure, I'll bring my MA750, DN-1000, UM Miracle and DX50. 
  7. Pea-Pod
    Hi all!
    I am new to the forum, dunno if I managed to navigate to the right thread. Hope you will forgive me if not.
    Anyways, I am passing by HK in a couple of weeks and I am looking into getting myself a Fiio e18. A couple of years back I visited the electronics fair I stumbled upon the Fiio booth there and bought an e11 for no money at all and -oh boy!- that sounded well with my HD25s. I went to see a couple of Head-fi stores as well but I noticed a certain scepticism as soon as I mentioned 'Fiio', proud as I was for my new found love =) Oh, well, you never become a prophet in your own home town, and all of that =)
    So, I hope you can help me with the local knowhow you all have here in the thread to find the stores with decent prices for the Fiio e18. I have only a couple of hours at my disposal this time (unfortunately!) on site so I really would appreciate if anyone could tip me off on the ~3 best opportunities there are. I will try to call them first (just find someone with the proper language skills, though) to check the status on e18 before I go there, in order to optimize things as I have understood that phone is king in HK compared to homepages/email =)
    Cheers!  //  P
  8. veyrongatti
    Mingo is located in the least located place......
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    What does that mean? Lol
    Even though I'm an official FiiO rep now I'm not actually that up to date on the Hong Kong retail scene. Mingo's a good bet, I bought my E17 there and they carry the rest of the FiiO line too :)
  10. veyrongatti
    My bad [​IMG] 
  11. Pea-Pod
    OK, yes, I will avoid the least located dodgy locations :wink:
    Did a search at Mingo's homepage and they seem to carry quite alot of the Fiio line, though my cantonese/mandarin is quite limited I understood it as there was no e18. Could be it is not updated though.

    Regarding dodgy places I usually don't mind. With a backpacking background I even prefer staying in the mansions on Nathan road when I do longer HK stays, and then I like to go perouse the markets in Sham Shui Po and the likes.
    @Joe Bloggs: There is no chance I can go to the source and get an e18 directly? I meant to come to the electronics fair this autumn but things came in the way (all work and no play..). When I was there the last year I had a chat with a nice gentleman who spoke warmly about the e18, I bought a couple of e11 and the guitar headphone amp, was that gentleman you, perhaps? =) Or maybe it was the constructor. Oh, well =)
    But if Mingo is your best bet fellas, so it is mine. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    When exactly will you be in Hong Kong? Turns out E18 supply in Hong Kong is quite tight right now and I'll have to communicate closely with the distributor to know when it will be available where :xf_eek:
  13. Nicolas L
    Why not you tell us where we can get it for the cheapest price xD I think I need a budget amp anyways :b
  14. Pea-Pod
    @Joe Bloggs: Dunno exactly, but it seems around 3 weeks from now. Anyways, I have a friend, in SZ, who can go fetch it for me in case there are tight time frames. Even pre or post my visit. 
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    It might be more readily available in Shenzhen (SZ?) China than Hong Kong...
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