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Official HIFIMAN HE1000 Impressions Thread

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  1. koven Contributor
    Norne cables all the way!
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  2. sahmen
    This is Starship Enterprise HEKSE : Abandon ship :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. FiGuY1017
    My only hope to resist is if I can’t upgrade because they are second hand lol.
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  4. Panoyski
    I have upgraded to the V2 and using Norme’s Draug Silver cables. Haven’t tried the stock cable, they’re unused since I’ve ordered the Draugs before. I like the sound of these cables very much, bassy and airy, with a nice sound stage. I’m using a Cavalli Liquid Carbon.

    I would like to upgrade my amp to either the Manley Absolute Headphone Amp or the Linear Tube Audio Micro ZOTL Reference preamplifier, as they are both at the same price bracket. Has anyone actually listened to these amps?
  5. FiGuY1017
    I inherited the c3 audio cable when I bought my v2. This was my first aftermarket cable and I haven’t heard the stock cable, but from what I hear, it’s a great cable. Of nothing else very well built.
  6. thecrow
    No luck there!!

    I believe you can still upgrade - when you are ready

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  7. FiGuY1017
    Well then, that’s that I guess lol. I can say I have no doubt in my opinion that these are still worth their weight in gold, but also makes me appreciate my trusted ol 800’s for being toe to toe with the new generation (newer) and I’m a rare nut or maybe deaf nut that enjoys a raw OG HD800 tried the filter etc ehh.. but I’ll say depth wise these hek are the best I’ve heard
  8. thecrow
    I have a system built around the hd800 (woo wa2) so the hd800 are still hugely enjoyed by myself.
    Though i have invested into amps and dacs for the hd800 they are fantastic value. And not $3k. Imho
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  9. FiGuY1017
    I’m the same way I had built a system for the 800 prior to buying it though, and I’m fortunate that it also plays very nicely with hekv2 and ad7200
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